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Galaxy Rise

Done in Photoshop. Again I used a simple Terragen-render as reference for shapes and colors. But there is not much left of it :D Even the surface got a new texture(sparkling sand - only visible in highest resolution :D )

This began as a study a galaxy's belt, like we see the Milky Way during the Night. But the stars alone looked a little boring and needed a foreground ;)
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This is stunning, I love it so much!
Awesome! To think this started as just an incidental foreground....
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I could camp out there....
You know if it weren't for the lack of oxygen or probe-prone green men o.O
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amazing..thought-provoking.....awesome....extraordinary works.....Congrats and Grazie...........
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Beautiful! I love the quality on the sky and stars and in the whole piece in general! :D
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how did you do the rocks?
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Probably my favourite picture of all time. There's such a mysterious air to this, I love it! I don't really think the two landscapes collide too much either (though, not an artist, so my opinion doens't mean much), because I like the way the atmosphere is so low, as if the sky is overtaking the world (and you do have that brown tinge over a lot of the sky to help).

I love the surface most too. Immediately, I was attracted to those surreal rock structures, so unique!
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ya really i love again your work very hard!!!!
Using this as my new wallpaper @ work, thank you! :-)
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Very nice scene! The sky looks really beautiful!
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you can never have too much stars!
if there were a billion more i wouldn't care,
they'd still look amazing to me.
good work!
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wow, this looks awesome :)
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Good job! I like how you played with the colors and everything else :D
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