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March 24, 2011
Colors Of The Storm by =Gate-To-Nowhere RizarLogic said of this piece: It Transports us to an alien world with such likely seeming organisms!
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Colors Of The Storm

Another alien biotope. I enjoyed creating these alien plants. Some of them are huge balls filled with some gas which makes them light and lets them float in the air. When they are old enough and the wind gets strong, the ribbons snap and the wind carries them across the planet. That is the way they multiply.

There are lots of details in this image which get lost in this resolution. Here are some of them:

And there is also a Work in Progress Thread in the
Go here to see the image develope

1680x1050 (This time because of all the details ;) )


THANK you so much for the DD!!! :) And thanks to all your wonderful comments and favs!!! <3
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awesome idea and excellent implementation
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wowww!!! Increíble!
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I have the pleasure to inform you I've featured this work in the very first issue of my new art journal -->…
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This is soo beautiful! What did you make this in? I just love this and it was really inspirational in making a fantasy piece for my summer homework.
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Very Beautiful! Whaaat 
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This is phenomenal!Awe 3D 50x50 
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This is so cool! Looks like something from a Sifi movie! Congratulations on the Daily Deviation! I wish I could get a DD! ow do you do this?
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The concept is very original
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Beautiful work!! :+favlove: I love the balloon plants- I always thought that lighter-than-air seed pods would make a lot of sense. The extraterrestrial swamp plants look delightfully alien and mysterious, especially in the half-light created by the sun shining through the dark storm clouds. All in all, this is a delightful and ethereal alien landscape- I'd love to visit this planet!!
Wow; this is amazing. :)
Idea taked from a National Geographic prog?
Have seen the exact same idea about alien plants there,
the plate looking parts are gathering water and the baloons are able to fly due to a dense atmosphere... :)
So beautiful. My favorite cloudscapes happen when just a little hint of sun peeks through dense cloud coverage :D And you've done such a wonderful job with the lighting on the ground.
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I think it's somehow Cute, that picture. :giggle:
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Thanks for this Really Cool!
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