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Blue Summer Song

Pained in Photoshop. This is the second version of the image "Summer Song". I planed to do this for a long time and for some reason today was the time for it ;)


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iWait, I s this the very same wallpaper used in the Opera Browser, but not animated?!
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This is amazing!
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I would like to know if this has been posted elsewere?

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Holy shit...
This is utterly gorgeous.
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Fantastic! I love this one!
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So deep, and yet so amazing...Great work :)
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it's so beautiful! Magical <3 (like all of your other stuff) - really cool.
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I love it!
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Ohhh. Super !
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very, very good jobbb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^
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My current wallpaper. Thank you :)
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Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.
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I love it, what can I say more.
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