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February 9, 2012
Black Hole Rising by *Gate-To-Nowhere
Featured by Infinite705
Suggested by QAuZ
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Black Hole Rising


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About the image:
Painted from scratch in Photoshop CS3 in 7906x4937 and 16bit/channel with a Wacom graphics tablet. That took a while ;) In this case a while means 42 days (I like that number :D ).
No textures, references or Terragen used, just a set of brushes, several layers and patience.

Wallpaper resolutions:

Some details: [link]

About this world:
In the sky of this alien world you can see an accretion disc of a black hole and two particle jets being emitted from it in opposite directions along the poles. The black hole might have been caught by this planetary system and now accretes matter from the sun.
In order for plants and other life forms to survive gamma-ray emissions from the black hole, the planet itself needs to be protected by some sort of shield which indicates that it is inhabited by a technological advanced civilization :) Since the black hole probably caused an orbit shift of the planet and thus the habitable zone, it is also likely it was "terra"-formed long after the black hole had joined the system.
The plants on this planet do not mainly use green pigments like the plants on Earth, but red pigments.

And finally:
You are welcome to stay tuned :) I have a Facebook page and since recently and Twitter page as well:

Twitter: [link]

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Have a wonderful day everyone!



Woaaaahhh, thank you so much qaz2008 and Infinite705!!!!! :) And thank you everyone for your wonderful comments!!!!

:heart: :heart: :heart:

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Amazing - I was looking for an inspiration for a setting with a black -hole sun and this is the best I have seen.