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February 9, 2012
Black Hole Rising by *Gate-To-Nowhere
Featured by Infinite705
Suggested by QAuZ
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Black Hole Rising

About the image:
Painted from scratch in Photoshop CS3 in 7906x4937 and 16bit/channel with a Wacom graphics tablet. That took a while ;) In this case a while means 42 days (I like that number :D ).
No textures, references or Terragen used, just a set of brushes, several layers and patience.

Wallpaper resolutions:

Some details: [link]

About this world:
In the sky of this alien world you can see an accretion disc of a black hole and two particle jets being emitted from it in opposite directions along the poles. The black hole might have been caught by this planetary system and now accretes matter from the sun.
In order for plants and other life forms to survive gamma-ray emissions from the black hole, the planet itself needs to be protected by some sort of shield which indicates that it is inhabited by a technological advanced civilization :) Since the black hole probably caused an orbit shift of the planet and thus the habitable zone, it is also likely it was "terra"-formed long after the black hole had joined the system.
The plants on this planet do not mainly use green pigments like the plants on Earth, but red pigments.

And finally:
You are welcome to stay tuned :) I have a Facebook page and since recently and Twitter page as well:

Twitter: [link]

Facebook: [link]

Have a wonderful day everyone!



Woaaaahhh, thank you so much qaz2008 and Infinite705!!!!! :) And thank you everyone for your wonderful comments!!!!

:heart: :heart: :heart:

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Amazing - I was looking for an inspiration for a setting with a black -hole sun and this is the best I have seen.

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That’s wonderful

This is accurate, awesome and awrange--all aces!

Featured on Geekscape of the Day:…
Gorgeous Fantasy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Amazing, congrats for your well deserved DD
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What we have he'e is a masterpiece O.O
Really love the colors you used, this is marvelous n_n thankyou muchly, for sharing =)
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WOW this is beautyful
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wow great! colours and composition :)
Hello "Gato-no-where" (Inga Nielsen) .. .and THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR ART. LIKE TRAVELLING through SPACE !
Also Hello to others, that read this in passing by "Gate-to-Nowhere"'s art ... and who are interested in ideas about the univers .. this strange "container" we are in ...
I just "clicked" wallpaper suggestions, and found your wallpaper in fourth row or so, so generally quite in the "top" . .;0) ... I got aware of the title: "Black-Hole-Rising" ...
After looking at your digital work, and reading the thoughts behind it, and your profile, ...
... I felt like sharing something, that could be of your interest.
I have no other agenda, than wanting to share something that I myself have along a way of thinking about the univers.
I have two influences:
*** 1) 1998, science seminar called "Spontaneous Order of Life" at the Niels Bohr Institute of the Copenhagen University. Here Lee Smolin gave a lecture on his book from back then: "
 The Life of the Cosmos."
I was greatly fascinated by the line of thought he presented about black holes and its connection with "new universes" ... I just wat to share this, because I think it is interesting. Maybe you or others think this too.
Here some links about this:……………
Maybe it could inspire you as an artist .. I have always been wanting to see this theory put into visualization by an visionary digital artist. That is my motivation for sharing this here.
*** 2) The other influence is the Buddhist theory about cosmology. Simply that it is not "our univere arising", but it is "The arising of universeS" ...(plural), which just is in alignment with Lee Smolins theory about the a black hole gives rise to the birth of a new univers, and that there is a kind of natural selection of this "new born" universes. .. 
I thought this fitted with the theme of your work: "Black hole rising" ...
I thought the two above mentioned lines of thoughts are intriging, maybe you also.

That was all!
Apologize for taking up time and space (many characters in this "comment")
and may(be) it will be of benefit.
Greetings from a danishWoodCabin
(middleaged pre-pensioned formerly scientist interested, enjoying weekend time here with my wife)

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Why do you use quotation marks so liberally? Also what is going on with the trainwreck formatting in your first few paragraphs? Why would you cut apart sentences half way through to start a new paragraph?
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Color and beautiful design. Excellent
domino6713's avatar
I decided to do a search on 'alien' today and your picture came up.  This is amazing!  You're very talented to have painted this from scratch.  I just love the colors and the detail you've put into it.  
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One word.
DracoPhobos's avatar
omg soooooooooooo spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace
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A nice other planet to live in :D
August-Eleven's avatar
Wow, brilliant! Great job!!!
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