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Alien Biotope

Ok, now something full of life. I used a basic Terragen-Render to start with and painted plants, water and animals etc.

I know you cannot see much of all the details in that resolution. Here is a detail view of four parts of the image:


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It's beautiful. So restful.
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Too many alien landscapes, even ones that are fun to look at, do little more than inflate microscopic organisms to populate their alien biomes, or just put sea plants on land. This really looks like an Earth-like planet. 
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Can't ..... stop ...... staring
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This is absolutely amazing, I was wondering if I could use this in my weebly for my alien characters home planet? Just thought I would ask.
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Incredible work
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That's pretty nice
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Your work is awesome!
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wow I really like it. It's unique idea without big-head creatures (I don't like big-head aliens). Great job
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another piece of beauty (and enjoy forever)
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Looks like the time of the dinosaurs
Kind of like Earth in the good old days. You know, before the emergence of mammals.
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WOW Me Like Cheers
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Extremmelly Good and Realistic
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oh amazing !!
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Can you please make this have a bigger resolution somehow?! I would love to use this as my wallpaper. It's so cool! >w<
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My resolution is 2048X1152. :O
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You have found an excellent way to distract the eye very slightly from the minor unreality of a Terragen scene, to end up with the best of both worlds, paint and procedurals. I like it.
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