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Supergirl and the Legion

By gatchatom
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If there was one image from this set that I was most pleased with it's this one. I learned so much donig this piece. Originally I put light freckles on Kara but was asked to take them off. I still think she should have them. In my mind she's not a supermodel, she's the girl next door.
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I like this a lot. I have always been a fan of the Legion and even a bigger Supergirl fan. Actually, the Legion Of Super Heroes was was the only comic that I ever wrote and I requested they make it into a cartoon show and behold 40 years later it was done.
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I kind of like your thoughts about the girl next door thing. I have always thought that might be a cute idea. idk about the freckles, maybe but it really depends. I like the fesh youthful feal to this piece though.
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that is a very good picture of the three heros, so cool
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Amazing portrayal of my favourite group of superheroes of them all, the Legion! Beautiful, really!!
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Thanks for the kind words!!!
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this is fantastic!! very good piece of art!!!
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Excellent portrayal all around. This is really great work all around.
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Thanks for stopping by and for the knid words.
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Most welcome. I will be stopping by many times over, lol. Excellent work once more.
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Wonderful, Tom.... I love the LEGION!
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Thanks Mike!!! You've made my day.
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That's one hella cool pic mang. :superman:
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Over the years I've managed to amass a large collection of comics. Out of it all Im most proud of set of Legion Comics. It doesn't matter how many times they restart the group hands down I will go out of my way to collect the anything to do with the L.O.S.H.

That being said i would like to commend you on the wonderful representation you have here. Its has a very fresh and alive feeling for me when i look at it.

I hope to see other Legion images in your portfolio some day. But if not I'm still very impressed with this one.
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Thanks!! My first big job was doing covers for LEGION with Tony Harris. I'd put them in the gallery but I want to focus on work I do on my own. The LEGION fans were amazing to me. I had just broken into the industry and they welcomed my warmly. I'm sure I'll continue to visit the characters.
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i think that girl next door is an interesting approach..... I understand not having the freckles on her though, but having her seem a lil homely somehow for the girl next door idea or something else is pretty cool.....

why not muck around with her personally, see what you come up with when you have some free time?
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