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Robin makes a plan

Another Upper Deck card image. I did this around the same time as the Blue Beetle Companion cover so I was into playing with single color ideas. The Robin image is all greens except for the stick Robin has in his hand as I wanted that to pop out. This was another one of those turing point pieces. I learned a lot while doing this one. I've tried to apply similar processes to each piece I've done since this one.

The bonus of course Robin has always been one of my favorite characters, whatever his form has been. Dick, Jason, Carrie, or Tim, it doesn't matter. The design and concept has always struck a chord for me.

Dexter Vines Inked this one. Dexter is an amazing talent. He's also a nice guy. When he dies he's going to leave me his Ultimate Iron Giant.
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This is fabulous~ <3
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This is so cool--I--jeez :wow: lol, sorry, it's totally awesome :D
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Thanks! I just got the printed card last week.
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your welcome Tom!=D=D
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thats his paln paly XOX!
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Wooooh!!! :wow:

love your drawing!!! :heart:
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Thanks so much!!
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excelent job on the colors.
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Thanks so much!!
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This is so cool! I really like the texture of the ground, (thats is a weird compliment, but its true). You really gave this piece a good feeling.
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Thank you!! You've really got some great work in your gallery. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my work.
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this is such a cool and solid robin artwork, I like it a lot! The theme of green is really well done and I really like how the sense of space and the weight of not only robin but the weight of the moment he is in feels very real in your own style.
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Thanks so much!! I always go to the gallery of people who are kind enough to add my work to their favorites and I as really impressed with your work. I'll be watching your updates. Thanks for stopping by.
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Very well done, sir.

Ahh, turning points...
It's a wonderful thing when you discover and deftly apply something newly learned to your work. A deeper understanding of color and storytelling is revealed in our appreciation of monochromatics and limited palettes. You have successfully directed the viewer's eye toward a certain area, without overpowering the character, the true focus. The brighter green leaves also serve to frame Robin quite effectively. All of this is supported by a solid figure drawing.

My compliments.

Ironically, the only Robin iteration I never cared for was Tim Drake. I recognize the angle and attitude they were going for when they created him. I just don't like him, or the new generation punk stereotype he embodies. Jason Todd was a cool replacement, and Carrie Kelly rocks. But in my mind, Dick Grayson will always be Robin, the archetypal superhero sidekick.

Besides, why confuse things? A robin is a robin. A "drake" is a duck. LOL! ;)
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Hi Jerome,

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate the kind words. You're work knocks me out so it's high praise. This and the Blue Beetle piece really changed everything for me and I hope it shows.

As for poor Tim Drake, I must agree with you. He's okay but certainly the least of the Robins in my opinion. He's still never really rung quite true for me as a character and his story has only gotten muddied instead of more connective over the years. Just my opinion, I could be wrong.

I just know I'm going to get flamed for saying that.
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Never fret about what people think of you're opinion. You're as entitled to it as they are to theirs. Just be willing and prepared to defend it, as well as humble enough to change it, should you honestly gain new perspective.
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muy lindo, de verdad me gusta.
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Thank you very much!!
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