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Species on HIATUS until Skelefrog returns!


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Octabrot Featured By Owner 4 days ago
hey uhm don't mean to hate or anything but what is the logical reason for making these a closed species? I know, the inventors DO deserve to benefit from others using their ideas, but it makes It a whole lot harder for people to own a creature they actually want... like they have to compete. I'm asking multiple closed species to see what they all have to say. why does it have to be all about money? Why do people have to fight their way through the crowd?
Sorvete55 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2021  Student Digital Artist
LF a Gastrosnap MYO! I loved this species, sad that it is closed!
I can offer points, amino coins, art/custom and oc's! If looking for examples, just need to look on my Deviantart profile
oc's: toyhou.se/Sorvete55/characters…
FrogCube Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2021  New Deviant  Digital Artist
Giving up my Gastrosnap for a MYO: toyhou.se/1391609.oliver I could also do art with my Gastrosnap.
AStarlightsEnd Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2021  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looking for a gastro! I can offer 2 full bodies and 1 headshot art B) I also have characters for trade! toyhou.se/AStarlightsEnd/chara…
Please check out my offer YvY
Jifi-Dawg Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2021  Professional Digital Artist
Looking for a Gastrosnap MYO! Will also look at premades but would prefer a MYO slot! Can offer USD, OC/CS, and/or art! Note me <3
FrogCube Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2021  New Deviant  Digital Artist
Currently swapping my Gastrosnap: toyhou.se/1391609.oliver
FunfettiConfettiCake Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looking for a Gastrosnap! Prefer a MYO slot but if I really like what you're offering I'll go ahead and try for em. I can offer art, and custom characters but if I really like your gastro I'll consider offering IRL currency!
Misteriakitsune Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2021
Imma try and get a gastro adopt cuz i cant find any but what are gastros worth if there for trade?
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