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Species on HIATUS until Skelefrog returns!


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Crack-N Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2023  Hobbyist General Artist
Just beautiful. Guy makes a species, they're "closed" as if that meant anything other than a make-believe monopoly. People actually kowtow to it, and the guy just disappears. Everyone scampering and begging for or trading their OCs like old trading cards or cryptocurrencies.
And like many others, this closedness is only blessed by the lack of success of the species. Where it be half as popular as sergals or primagens, avalis or synths. They would suffer the same fate of the first two: people just making their own OCs without permission, realizing no one has any power or legal grounds to stop it, and the community growing past and leave behind the original author who refuses to accept it. Eveyone gets the OC they want and live happily with it.
The guy has left you and doesn't care about you, why shed all this servitude and love and respect when it's not reciprocated?
LizzBone Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2023
I have this gastrosnap toyhou.se/5444583.roofus that I am putting up for trade. Looking for other gastrosnaps, chimereons (even just free Myo slots), maybe other designs/species, or either looking to sell it which can be further discussed in private messages!
JoviAcDemon Featured By Owner May 13, 2023  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looking for any Gastrosnap (or gastro myo)
Can offer: toyhou.se/JoviAC/characters/fo… or art/customs ( toyhou.se/JoviAC/art ) If anyone is looking to trade any message me on my profile in toyhouse
HeccItzBeans Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2023  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there! Ive been looking for a Gastrosnap to love and cherish! If anyone is looking to rehome any dm me! I would probably respond faster on discord: HeccItzBeans#3483
Pyrak049 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2023  Student Digital Artist
Anyone selling any gastrosnaps? :0 Been looking to get my hands on one for a while, I’m free to pay a good amount rn so just tell me ur price :]
Feel free to dm or comment Ty
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CubeSnap Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2023   Digital Artist
Auto accepting ANY CCCat for my Gastrosnap MYO slot. toyhou.se/3702333.gastrosnap-m…
Also trading a Skele-Frog Desgined/Made Gastrosnap for a CCCat but I'm slightly picky on the design toyhou.se/748567.apple-cider
KlWlTURTLE Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2022  Hobbyist General Artist
Trying to sell my Gastrosnap,Selling Gastrosnap 'Sour Shock' forgot how to post a journal entry into this group.
awful-little-goose Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2022   Traditional Artist
Hello! I’d be willing to trade a gastrosnap for a 40€ commission made by yours truly. You can check my Tumblr (awful-little-goose) to see my offers and my art. You can also dm me there (I’d see your message sooner than if you dm me on DeviantArt) or on here!
tacopaysyourbills Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i just found out these still exist, is anyone willing to trade a custom snack-o-dino, or a jelly roll i made long ago. if not that im willing to trade up to 4 of my ocs.
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