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Azteca 2019
It's time for the annual Azteca drawing!

Here are the past five years:
Stalker idea
Had this idea for a short story telling page. I like the final product and visual.
Steel Wolf fan art
Fan art for a great guy, :iconursamagnus: and his creation, Steel Wolf
Spitfire, Hurricane, Defiant, and Manchester
Had an idea to create super powered pilots, and decided they would look good with the RAF colors from WW2.

So here's the lineup:

1. Hurricane is the team leader, can fly at extreme speeds, and is nearly invulnerable while flying. Think of her as a flying wrecking ball!

2. Spitfire can fly and emit energy beams from his hands. He is still learning to control the amount of energy and the Royal Air Force built him gauntlets to help control his energy bursts.

3. Defiant is the reconnaissance element of the team and can turn invisible while flying for a limited time. He is also the fastest.

4. Manchester is the muscle of the team and defined as the bomber of the group. He is the slowest when it comes to flight but is incredibly strong and can take a beating.
Villains 2019
After my friends and I created The Vigilantes we created a group of villains for them to fight, and I wanted to redesign them like I did the Vigilantes.

From left to right:

1. Exit: A blind swordsman who can teleport. He can "see" through telepathy and sees through the eyes of others on where to go.
2. Seismic: Able to control earth and dirt, and manipulate it to his will.
3. Massacre: The team leader. He was nearly killed when caught in the middle of a super powered fight. He used technology and robotic appendages to put himself back together.
4. Persuasion: An telepath who can control men only, and force them to come under her control temporarily.
5. Primal: A wolf/tiger like humanoid who has all the abilities of an animal and the mind of a human man.

Here is some original artwork of these guys in action!
1992 by Gaston25 2002? by Gaston25
Hey everyone,

I'm going to take on some digital commissions if anyone is interested.

  • $25 for black and white full body commission

  • $35 for colors with limited background

Let me know in a note and Ill take the first ten.

1. :iconlordamon12:
2. :iconbsdigitalq:
3. :iconshuma-gorath:
4. :iconrobenix:
5. :iconshuma-gorath:
6. :iconritualist:
7. :iconfrydaddy:
8. :iconthe-nightclaw:
9. :icong-boney:
10. :iconrodcom1000:


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Thanks for donating points to help the Deviant Universe remain a Super Group!
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My pleasure.
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Thank you
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ROM spaceknight 28 homage tribute fan art collab. by nikoskap still a ROM fan?
Gaston25 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2019
I do! Awesome job here.
csuhsux Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If you want to see what it looked like before color was added to it…
legofanguy Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2018
Have a Happy New Year!
Gaston25 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2018
You too!
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hey love the work
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