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Original character - Aco the smile girl by GastHeer Original character - Aco the smile girl :icongastheer:GastHeer 4 0 Slugbox's oc, Anura by GastHeer Slugbox's oc, Anura :icongastheer:GastHeer 4 0 Succubus From Disgaea 5 by GastHeer Succubus From Disgaea 5 :icongastheer:GastHeer 12 6 Marx by GastHeer Marx :icongastheer:GastHeer 45 5 Pixel art - Propeller knight by GastHeer Pixel art - Propeller knight :icongastheer:GastHeer 7 2 The Big Humble Oc bundle by GastHeer The Big Humble Oc bundle :icongastheer:GastHeer 1 0 Some NEW Villainous villains in town! by GastHeer Some NEW Villainous villains in town! :icongastheer:GastHeer 2 0 The Walking Wah! by GastHeer The Walking Wah! :icongastheer:GastHeer 13 1 It's a Monster bash, AK-AK-AK... by GastHeer It's a Monster bash, AK-AK-AK... :icongastheer:GastHeer 4 0 Shantae by GastHeer Shantae :icongastheer:GastHeer 58 3 Rhea Burtram's Mad scientist by GastHeer Rhea Burtram's Mad scientist :icongastheer:GastHeer 8 0 She doesn't like salads by GastHeer She doesn't like salads :icongastheer:GastHeer 12 2 Mystery skulls HellBent - Shiromori by GastHeer Mystery skulls HellBent - Shiromori :icongastheer:GastHeer 35 2 Monika - DDLC by GastHeer Monika - DDLC :icongastheer:GastHeer 33 2 (gif) Cyber lady and corn, in the matrix part 6.2 by GastHeer (gif) Cyber lady and corn, in the matrix part 6.2 :icongastheer:GastHeer 5 2 Cyber woman with corn by GastHeer Cyber woman with corn :icongastheer:GastHeer 4 0


The Simple Character Creator Formula
This is a copy-paste (with some additions) from my Tumblr blog (, but it must be reposted.
Twilight of the Hakurei, the club-wide comic tennis/RP (, is turning out just as I suspected: AMAZINGLY. However, one thing that really astounds me is how well the character system is working. If you're not familiar, it's simply this:
1. Pick the character's biggest strength that affects other people. Note the key phrase, "that affects other people." For example, "He's really good at cooking," is not a strength: that's just a regular skill that only applies to one area of life and doesn't really affect others. However, "He's a fast learner," or, "He pays attention to detail," or, "He's very generous," is a strength because it applies to more than just cooking, but any other skill and especially relationships.
2. Pick the character's biggest weakness that affects other people. Once ag
:iconspaztique:Spaztique 1,370 349
-COMMISSION- 'Alchemist' by EVanimations -COMMISSION- 'Alchemist' :iconevanimations:EVanimations 78 11 The Empress Chibiversion by EternalXRadiant
Mature content
The Empress Chibiversion :iconeternalxradiant:EternalXRadiant 1 1
Syrup Splash by zero93 Syrup Splash :iconzero93:zero93 69 15 Viri the vampire by NightHead Viri the vampire :iconnighthead:NightHead 95 5 Day 27 - Controller by MissMaddyTaylor Day 27 - Controller :iconmissmaddytaylor:MissMaddyTaylor 144 5 Yoyo by AfuChan Yoyo :iconafuchan:AfuChan 355 27 Guard by wlop Guard :iconwlop:wlop 49,716 2,589 South Park scene in 5 languages (S11E14) by s0s2 South Park scene in 5 languages (S11E14) :icons0s2:s0s2 1,531 88 Dreamcatcher OCT: R3 Page 1 by frogtax Dreamcatcher OCT: R3 Page 1 :iconfrogtax:frogtax 7 4 Vodka by Gooseworx Vodka :icongooseworx:Gooseworx 234 19 The Good Team Doctor by Gooseworx The Good Team Doctor :icongooseworx:Gooseworx 256 19 Secret Santa: Frogtax by Burdrehnar Secret Santa: Frogtax :iconburdrehnar:Burdrehnar 21 0 Art 2018 Meme by Burdrehnar Art 2018 Meme :iconburdrehnar:Burdrehnar 4 0 Merry Christmas Lucie !!! by Burdrehnar Merry Christmas Lucie !!! :iconburdrehnar:Burdrehnar 12 2 New Year Photo Shoot by Burdrehnar New Year Photo Shoot :iconburdrehnar:Burdrehnar 16 0



Original character - Aco the smile girl
I've been drawing a lot more this year than 2k18, which is nice cuz i used to only finish like one drawing a month. Yay me.

This gel like creature is my oc! Her name is Aco, a sentient mute slime girl created my a failed experiment from the scientist named (Data expunged), the lunch of the scientist got mixed up in an experiment which happend to be a Taco, the taco started to grow gel like sustenance from it and as it started to grow over weeks it also started to move. She now travels with Gastler, Grace and Chadbot across the universe.

I hope you like my drawing of my stinkin' child, cuz i plan on drawing a lot more of oc's in the future.


ps. FACK shading man, took me longer than sketching, lines and base colour COMBINED! smh

(This character belongs to me)
Slugbox's oc, Anura
I made this gal for a contest from Slugbox, the rules were simple "draw one of his 8 ocs within the time frame".
So with this piece I tried to do something fancy with the glowy out-line, kind makes the head and hips move to the for-ground.. hopefully...

(This is fanart, the character does not belong to me).
So, been some time huh? I had something of an art block for the past 2 weeks, so haven't been drawing ever since.
ALSO, smash got released and i've been playing it to bits.
And Spoilers!!! Marx is a boss in the World of light more. 
Since i loved him in the Kirby games and now that he's back i thought i'd draw him.
Maybe i'll draw him some more in the up coming days, i posted my sketches on my twitter already.

This is fanart, this characters does not belong to me.
Pixel art - Propeller knight
A little something I did for :iconeternalxradiant:'s monthly artchallenge, this month's theme was "fav videogame character + pixel art".
This is also the first time in ages I did pixel art again. It was fun!
Discord group:

(this is fanart, the character does not belong to me.)


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I make the Funnies!
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
This is a recipe for disaster, and i'm the chef!

Hello, I'm GastHeer, friends call me Gast. I'm a starting/learning artist. Digital or traditional and also some animation here and there!
I make drawings, fanart, original characters, comics and more!
Please, don't use/trace/claim any of my work without my permission.
Thank you for reading. :)


Profile picture made by the ever so lovely TambriArt, check her out, she's a sweet heart!


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