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Fricin anything!
I really need points, so I’ll make almost everything you want! Even male inflation, and you know I think it’s gross! 

(Of course I will do it on Kiskae! I can’t draw!)

Newest Deviations

donate for weight by Gaster41 donate for weight :icongaster41:Gaster41 3 8 classic fire elemental by Gaster41 classic fire elemental :icongaster41:Gaster41 6 130 Gaya by Gaster41 Gaya :icongaster41:Gaster41 6 12
Song rps
You send me a song.
I make an rp starter based on it.
Note: the rp starter is based about what the song reminds to me. Do not complain too much about the starter I make.
:icongaster41:Gaster41 2 110
forest trio by Gaster41 forest trio :icongaster41:Gaster41 6 178
Dark 9- part 1
The end has begun that day.
A strange, green ball, large enough to contain a human, has landed on earth. In order investigate it, the government sent a group of superheroes to do the job.
The government man who hired them led them to the ball. “As you can see, this thing has landed here about a hour ago, and crushed the farm that was here.”
“I can see it,” said the leader of the group, SuperBalkina, “but what does this thing is?” “That’s why you’re here.”
NOVA, the group’s female android, got closer to the ball. “Let me check it,” she said, and got sucked in. The ball stated glowing in blue.
“We need to take it with us!” Yelled Neko, another group member. And so they did, having no idea what that thing that once was their friend is turning into...
[meanwhile, at a distant plant]
“Another robot is ready to be reprogrammed!” Shouted a young soldier. “Great,” said general floo
:icongaster41:Gaster41 1 19
Hanna by Gaster41 Hanna :icongaster41:Gaster41 6 16 Stav by Gaster41 Stav :icongaster41:Gaster41 8 239 Bryce by Gaster41 Bryce :icongaster41:Gaster41 2 0 Dreamhaunter adoption by Gaster41 Dreamhaunter adoption :icongaster41:Gaster41 1 0
My first RP starter
Warning! Contains: weight gain, inflation, vore (if you really want to)  and romance.
Can be straight or yuri ONLY.  This rp doesn’t go well with yaoi, and I won’t play a character with a completely fabricated gender.
Plot: you go to whatever senecio you decide, and meet an overweight girl who immediately falls for you. So she invites you to a family dinner, and says it’s a tradition in her family. However, she forgot to tell you something about her mother...
Note: this RP will be as long as you want. Want it to end after the family dinner? So be it. At your wedding? So be it. You choose!
:icongaster41:Gaster41 2 377
Undertale OC-Bryce
Name: Bryce
Nickname(s): The New Spear Of Justice
Gender: male
Age: 16-17
Species/What Are They:human in his original timeline, a glitch since his timeline collapsed
Soul (Color):grey (leadership)
Sexuality: heterosexual
Atc: 100
Def: 150
Exp: 35
LV: 1
Powers/Attacks: well... He can borrow DETERMINATION or any other trait, every glitch power, and he can throw spears and stuff.
Weapons: Undyne’s spear, sometimes a machine gun
Fighting Style: throws spears or shoots things
Friends With: Sans, the only other being who remembers his timeline.
Neutral With: everyone else
Enemies With: Gaster
Family: his Frisk
Crush(es): his Chara
Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): Taken- dates with Chara from his timeline
Personality Towards Humans: Long ago, he was one- so he’s fine with them.
Personality Towards Strangers: He’s pretty friendly, unless they hurt him or someone close to him
Personality Towards
:icongaster41:Gaster41 1 0
Fallen- chapter 4
You know that feeling of getting a kiss from your crush? So, from a little kiss on my cheek, I was stoned. I didn't move for at least 5 minutes, and I didn't notice Shadowman sneaking up. "So when's the wedding?" He asked me. "What the fuck?! Had you seen it all?!" "Yes. I'm sure your sister would like her. They're so alike.." and he went away. How the hell did he know?
When I was 3, my oldest sister, Helvina, died. She was a honorable young woman. She attacked my parents' friends from the cult. They killed her. On that night, my nightmares began. That man had something to do with her. I was sure he's talking about her, because none of my other siblings would like Cessa.
When I got home, I looked at the mirror. A pale, average-tall, black haired teenage boy looked at me. I looked at the lucky guy. I felt like I'm the king of the world.
While dinner, me and Felin had an interesting conversation about girls. He gave me this advice: "when she starts to get cold, fuck off. I've experienced
:icongaster41:Gaster41 1 0
Fallen- chapter 3
Before I fell asleep, I thought that maybe in Orso's store I would sleep better. Of course, I was wrong. Like every single night since I was 3, I had a nightmare. But that night, the nightmare was different. Instead of the regular view of fire and blood, I seen dead bodies. Their faces were clear. And at the center of all this, stood a man with an eyepatch. He looked at me.
I woke up. Orso's bed was shorter than I thought, and I think I kicked Cessa in the belly several times while I moved in my sleep. I looked around, and that shadowman from yesterday was there. "Whatever you are, stay away," I said. He disappeared. Felin might have been here, because I found some clothes, ready for me to wear. Cessa somehow was still asleep. I got ready quietly. For breakfast I had one of those weird pills that Orso takes as food. "What a man. Do you really need trust him?" I heard a voice behind me. I looked back. Cessa woke up, somehow got some clothes herself, and I couldn't imagine her look when
:icongaster41:Gaster41 1 0
Fallen- chapter 2
That day was going to be crazy. I had that feeling. It started like this: fire. Flames. Blood. And then I woke up. Again, I had a nightmare. When both of your parents are cult members, your childhood can be traumatizing.
My cousin lived in a small apartment, so I had to sleep on the sofa. I don't think he'll like it covered in my sweat. I went to the kitchen. As I made myself breakfast, I noticed something wired: I wasn't alone. Another being was there, but it wasn't logical at all. Felin and his girlfriend, Lur, were asleep. It was 5AM. When I tried to take a closer look at the being, it was gone. Like a shadow.
When I went to school, I got to there really early. Except me, there were only 3 12th graders, and they were talking about a party that they're going to throw. When I overheard it, I didn't knew how this party, which I was obviously not invited to, would effect me.
15 minutes later, a classmate of mine, a short, chubby guy with blue eyes and short brown hair, arrived. And he t
:icongaster41:Gaster41 1 0
Fallen- chapter 1
My story had a sad start. When I was 15 my parents sent me to another country, to live with my much older cousin, just because I didn't turn up the way they wanted me to. Just because I, Jase Crow, went to a party with the girl I wanted to go with!
So, I was sent to another country. I wasn't very excited- the life I left was boring and nothing interesting happened to me. My cousin, Felin, welcomed me with open arms. Felin was a pretty interesting interesting person. He knew almost every kind of people. He also got me a job: working in an electronic lab/shop for an old man named Orso. He was more of a grandpa than a boss to both of us. He always had the best advice for any situation.
But things got even more interesting when I started 10th grade. At the first day of school, I fell in love with a girl out of my league. I know, it sounds cliche, but wait for this: I fell in love with an overweight 12th grader named Cessa. Just a little look at her, standing near the vending machine was en
:icongaster41:Gaster41 2 0


Shion pregnant after 30weeks!!! by a022412 Shion pregnant after 30weeks!!! :icona022412:a022412 193 6 Melody's Bouncing Inflation by Strongholds Melody's Bouncing Inflation :iconstrongholds:Strongholds 25 2 Now Where Could My Birthday Cake Be... by Metalforever
Mature content
Now Where Could My Birthday Cake Be... :iconmetalforever:Metalforever 1,047 51
Comm: Gonna be a long walk home by smog01 Comm: Gonna be a long walk home :iconsmog01:smog01 118 4 Terra by Mu5Hr00m99 Terra :iconmu5hr00m99:Mu5Hr00m99 5 7 Bewitched Belly by DrakaNoms Bewitched Belly :icondrakanoms:DrakaNoms 479 46 C'mon, nords aren't built for this weather... by DrakaNoms C'mon, nords aren't built for this weather... :icondrakanoms:DrakaNoms 651 45 Because you all know I had to by DrakaNoms Because you all know I had to :icondrakanoms:DrakaNoms 920 72 Celine 'Growing' Inflation - Gift by ZatchHunter Celine 'Growing' Inflation - Gift :iconzatchhunter:ZatchHunter 101 47 stuffed Chiya by Nano4K stuffed Chiya :iconnano4k:Nano4K 501 12 Puffy Callie by bo-the-sno
Mature content
Puffy Callie :iconbo-the-sno:bo-the-sno 278 1
Elderitch Octopus
The helicopter motor fills your ears as you go on this solo mission. You are expected to capture a woman by the codename Elderitch Octopus, she's a psychic and a known scholar to the black arts. Why the boss needs someone like her on the team it's simple.
Recently on one of his missions the Boss found a tablet that seems indecipherable. However the enemy has been trying to harness some psychics and their power to get a lead on the Boss. You are going to stop that from happening.
"Now's your only chance to drop off." The pilot says
You take a deep breath and grab your parachute. Looking down at the exit you take another deep breath and charge out of the helicopter. The wind blows through your ears as you freefall to the African Congo, it was about time to pull your chute, doing so you land safely in the jungle.
Your earpiece beeps and you answer it.
"This is (codename) do you copy?" You ask
"Yes hello, am I coming in clearly?" An English accent asks
"Yes who is this?" You ask
"I go by J
:iconcrimsongrain:crimsongrain 10 20
The Hive Mind (Discord Belly RP)
You find yourself in a bar. (Or some crowded area. Doesn't have to be a bar.) You're just minding your own business, when suddenly, you bump into a tall redheaded woman with a yellow shirt. She's with a shorter woman with brunette hair and a light-blue shirt. You both fall, but the one in the blue shirt apologizes as if she was the one who bumped into you. Strange. They introduce themselves as Rose and Anna, and say, in unison, "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance!" When asked why they're both so in sync, they simply reply that they're hive minded. Now of course, you're intrigued, so you ask more questions. They are (She is?) happy to answer, and you learn that she's from an alternate dimension, and loves inflation, stuffing, and vore, among other things. Though she is a hive mind, she states that she has certain preferences for both of her bodies. For example, her Rose half is mostly pred, enjoys being stuffed to max capacity, and loves water inflation. Her Anna half is mostly p
:iconmu5hr00m99:Mu5Hr00m99 4 22
The lovely sea creature~ by The-Flame-Knight The lovely sea creature~ :iconthe-flame-knight:The-Flame-Knight 17 141
(TF RP) Relaxation tank session
- No 18+ stuff. You know the types.
- All additional effects included. Except mind change.
- No becoming inanimate objects
- Just relax and enjoy the RP!
- Oh Yeah! No malfunctions of both tanks.
- You do my transformation effects, I’ll do yours in return!
You and I (either as ourselves or our OCs) visit a relaxation tank clinic out of curiosity from seeing an advert for it. We were rather skeptical of it but decided to go anyway.
We book a session and arrive shortly after, we were greeted by a lovely receptionist who introduced us to a nurse who will take us to the tanks.
The nurse asks us to fill in the form (see below) and then take off our clothes right down to our underwear and get in the tanks.
To start this off, fill this in -
Youself/Your OC?:
Your gender (Youself/your OC):
Setting (also includes media): 
Myself/My OC? (I’ll pick my own OC and clarify the gender): 
Your Transformation:
My Transformation: 
Session (e.g. 8 hours):
:iconjennyrichardblakina:JennyRichardBlakina 6 739
Blimp-Callie by jkid902 Blimp-Callie :iconjkid902:jkid902 13 83


Erza as Undyne by DLeagueman Erza as Undyne :icondleagueman:DLeagueman 46 16 Mercury Aquris by DLeagueman Mercury Aquris :icondleagueman:DLeagueman 1 7 Gaming girl by Swasbi Gaming girl :iconswasbi:Swasbi 18 8
Mostly, I want points. Badges, special membership, buying me me the prints on the wishlist and buying my prints would be nice too.



donate for weight
first, i would like to apologize to her original creator. i'm sorry if what i do bothers you, i just really need the points. 

second, if you see this (i'm talking to everyone here) and like this, don't just fave, donate. if you can't, show this to someone who can. 

third, the weight she'll gain will be her new cannon look. 

i'll upload the updates when i'll be able to. 

the goal is unknown for now, so the more the better.
So, a few days ago I had a math test. The night before the test, I read this story: 

And then I took the test, which turned out to be the most successful test I took since 9th grade. 

I have been looking for one for a while, and couldn't find. 

fetishes I'm looking for: fat, maybe expansion or pregnancy. 

I prefer one of us (or both, if you really want to) would play as a female troll, alternian or beforian. 

also, this is for people who have read Homestuck only. 

Adopted from :iconpartybug98: 

Name: Gaya 

Age: 16 

Likes: her partner, her friends, food, getting her way, her parents when they’re nice, her 14 other siblings.

Dislikes: her family saying bad things about her partner, SJWs (who likes them?), her ex. 

Sexuality: pansexual 

Relationship status: she dates Vinh Kyou Hong (belongs to :iconamen95:

Bio: Gaya is rich. For her family, it means she has to follow a strict behavior code that she never follows. For example, she doesn’t always wear designers clothes. But the “worst” thing she had done was dumping the boyfriend her parents set up with her and started dating her current partner, which her parents don’t like because hir is hermaphrodite. Deep inside she’s jealous of her pregnant partner and wants to be pregnant herself. However, she’ll only allow her partner, a close friend or someone she really trusts doing that.




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


קודם כל, פשוט אחלה עבודה. באמת יש לך כישרון, ואני תוהה איך אתה בכלל עושה את זה. אף פעם לא ראיתי משהו דומה כאן. עכשיו, אני לא יכול שלא ל...

So, a few days ago I had a math test. The night before the test, I read this story: 

And then I took the test, which turned out to be the most successful test I took since 9th grade. 



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Ban gun
An Israeli teenager. Very tall and muscular-thin guy.
I love the Americans here in deviantart.


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