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Kriss Vector SMG Realistic

This is a high res image, download for full details.

Extracted from wikipedia:

The TDI Vector series is a family of .45 ACP submachine guns developed by Transformational Defense Industries.
They utilize asymmetrical recoil and in-line design to reduce recoil and muzzle climb.
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Light and tactile; perfect for close encounters. Gotta love the wieldy kit weapons.
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made in switzerland ;)

ps: you put the iron sight in the wrong direction
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finally a good quality pic of a vector! been looking for one all day!
ShepherdsPie's avatar
thanks, I'm modeling this gun right now, this clean illustration will really help.

Don't suppose you know any good reference images of where the bullet casing pops out?
Dr-J33's avatar
best smg ever
TonyToad22's avatar
Got to shoot this gun today it was awesome!!! =]
bobafettdk's avatar
kriss super v FTW!!!
sleeperartist's avatar
omfg best weapon XD apart from the steyr AUG
DeltaShade18K's avatar
Man that is one beautiful gun...
CrazyRonn's avatar
YAY VECTOR FTW :D :thumbsup:

i use this exact setup on Modern Warfare 2 lol
albeit black color, i got fall - love her soo much

wish i had one in real life, but this life-like picture is the next best thing xD
CrazyRonn's avatar
very nice! :D

im assuming its a civilian model?
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I use exactly the same set as shown here, holographic sight, silencer... so great weapon in hardcore mode :love:
CrazyRonn's avatar
hell yeah, in search too, although in normal core modes i use it with as a ghost (ie suppressor, scavenger, cold-blooded, ninja)
BeignetBison's avatar
What about a Barret M 468?
Gasteiz's avatar
Yeah I supose its time to do some ar-15 like weapons :)
warmonger15's avatar

kriss super v
the only way to fly.
nonphotoblue's avatar
Oh man, gotta love the Super-V system - absolutely insane. Great rendering!
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