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Bushmaster Bullpup ACR variant

All the variants of the bushmaster bullpup ACR.

The rifle is fully ambidextrous. It can be configured for use by left-handed shooters by simply changing the bolt for a left-handed one with the extractor and ejector on opposite sides, and moving a blanking cap from the left ejection opening to the right.

P.D. for the digital camo, check this tutorial [link] by :icondaisukekazama:
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Wow, what a great array of weapon configurations this platform has, it's disappointing no major military / army has taken up this weapon to be their primary rifle for their troops. It's a shame as it looks nice and compact with the ability to use within close quarter battle situations.  If any military would pick this up as their primary rifle it would of been the #AusArmy, as they have enjoyed bullpups for over several decades.  Aussie troops would most likely enjoy having a crack a this weapon out in the field #GoodSoldiering.  Oh Well, maybe next time the #AusArmy needs a new weapon upgrade in a few years #ArmyInMotion?
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Seriously, how did you shorten your weapon designs? My weapons tend to be longer than yours even if the barrel length is only slightly longer. To take the standard assault rifle as an example, the overall length is 673 mm and the barrel length is 457 mm. This is in contrast to my IBR-25 rifle which has an overall length of of 839 mm (with flash suppressor) and a barrel length of 505 mm. The length of the flash suppressor is 53 mm.
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OMG, these are well balanced!

are you by any chance study firearms?
Detailed design. Is there a LMG type cinfiguration available too?
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That would be cool to see! I love LMG's
I want to have one........
where's the bolt catch???
where's the bolt catch???
RoahMkIIX's avatar
Betcha' FN would make those variants. XD

But, it's an interesting concept, considering I have not seen an American assault rifle without the bullpup design.
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It looks really good! if you ever make a refined variant you'll need to make there be better access to the gas regulator since it's hidden in there, align the ejection ports wit hthe mags correctly on the 5.56 ones, put the mag release maybe like an aug? (to prevent accidents).. ummm, place for a single point sling to attach and ... maybe a way for it to be used by left handed shooters? and maybe put the charging handle there.

Other than that, good conceptual take in the ACR. :D
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Just pure awesome.
Looks good, and I must say the assault rifle variant reminds me of the Tar-21.
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Dear Santa. I want the Assault Rifle STD variant.
I like it overall but (this is coming from 2nd hand information) I would like to see the piston system on the 18" on up barrels to be a full length piston kit.
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Nice, hopefully this baby's more resilient than the current model.
Intolerant-InLove's avatar
The current model actually came to civilians first so we could test 'em on a grand scale. They're really good rifles!

Rest assured the Remington ones are extremely awesome... Especially with the metal lower. It looks so sweet :D
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and this is what happens when an SCAR, ACR and a AUG make babies?....


man that is so awsome ! very well done and it looks vey realistic!

dear santa......
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Great job on the design, you really got the ACR look going with that.
BlueFury4's avatar
lol ys it called an STD
timberfox15's avatar
thats one hell of a good designe man well done
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Now that is one badass concept.

Say, that camouflage pattern looks awfully familiar...
Gasteiz's avatar
Thank you :D. About the cammo, it's digital camo.
Nyandgate's avatar
How'd you make it?
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