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Bushmaster Bullpup ACR

What we got here is the bullpup adaptation of the bushmaster acr assault riffle. It took me freaking amount of my spare time to paint it, but here it is.
Some of the characteristics I had in mind for this project were:

-it had to be a compact design.
-The cartridge had to be 5.56x45mm, STANAG compatible.
-And lightweight.

This is the result of all this.

p.d.: thx :iconbordombethyname: for the pattern pack [link]
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This looks fantastic!

I would love to have a go of something like this for real!
DarkGabriel1701G's avatar
This is amazing! But i noticed the button near the mag, wouldn't it be difficult to press it in a hurry?
Cerberus116's avatar
Nice Work! why the FN40Gl grenade launcher? the Heckler & Koch M320 GLM looks more appropriate, as it is the standard US grenade launcher accessory
AnthroMan106's avatar
Better if its in black and gray.
I just saw this in the internet. It is a great job! I'm the owner of the company, to produce airsoft gun. Have you interesting to use your design to transform a playable, realistic airsoft gun? If your interesting, please e-mails to me. My e-mails address: Thanks!
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Amg i thought this was real...... i think my heart just shattered :'(

Awsome design. Love the look of this!
Scarlighter's avatar
Great work, even if I think it hardly will be produced...
mafiamanj15's avatar
lol, it would be awesome if you sent this to Remington and maybe they would make it into a real gun?
Karinosai's avatar
While I can appreciate the idea and understand why you did this, I honestly have to say that this is probably the most aesthetically displeasing conceptual firearm I've ever seen, especially in comparison with what it was preceded by.
Madmann135's avatar
It is disappointing that this is not REAL!!!
That is a sexy bullpup.
171Scorpia's avatar
Incredibly impressive, great work.
CrazyRonn's avatar
holy hell this is great!
NewLondenion's avatar
You know what, that actually looks like the rifles that are going to be used in the new Tom Clancy game "Ghost Recon: Future Soldier".
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Now that is definitely something I wouldn't mind carrying. One thing that comes to mind. The ACR was originally intended(and so was the SCAR) to be able to switch to different caliburs in just a matter of seconds. Would your design be able to acheive the same thing? I see some take down pins for the magazine well, so I'm guessing that it would be possible, no? Also maybe a longer picatinny rail would be possible. I know a smaller package is good, but a little more "rail"-estate along the barrel wouldn't hurt much; plus you'd get a bigger sight picture, thus a bit more accurate if you ever needed to use your back up irons. Still, even with my nagging I'd still like to use a weapon like that anyday. Great job.
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Well, I have 3 more works derivated from this one. This is the assault rifle, the carbine, sharpshoter configuration and the compact configuration are the other ones. My intention is to show all rifles together in a big picture, showing the diferent posible combinations. Im thinking in a 7.62x51 nato cardrigde for the sharpshoter and maybe a modificated assault rifle. The compact version changes the upper receiver completely. About the rail, implies changing completely the upper receiver, but i'll take it into acount.
Thanks for the constructive comentary :)
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That's pretty cool, I can also see some FN SCAR's features, also the grenade launcher is from SCAR. Did you use PimpMyGun?
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Thanks :), its base in a bullpup bushmaster-scar combination, and I dont use pimpmygun in any of my paints, just illustrator and photoshop cs4.
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