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In hindsight, it shouldn't have surprised him to walk in on this ...

"Cap, have you seen Bruce, I need to tahaaa... HOLY SHHHHHH ... "


"This is some kinky foreplay, right?"

Steve looks like he's about to swallow his tongue and Natasha doesn't even stop her attempts to free herself but he can see her planning his painful demise. "What do you want?"

"Pictures and movie rights, we're going to make a fortune!" Well, self-preservation was never his forte.


Oh my, I don't know what came over me. Originally, I wanted Tony to walk in on Steve training and forgetting what he wanted to say because of, you know, Steve's overall perfection. Tony Stark speechless, tehehe. And then Natasha jumped literally right in.

Painted in Photoshop, Bamboo Tablet, approx. 30 hours.
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine. No profit is made from this.
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kalkoenvsneoklak's avatar
Wow this is really beautiful! I love it!
ala33's avatar
I got this one
Great! I love realistic manipulations
Brilliant. Just freakin' brilliant.
goatgirlart's avatar
I so read your little blurb about this pic in Tony's voice, spot on. Wink/Razz
 Your work is truly amazing, thank you for it.
PlushieKy's avatar
You have such a rare ability to capture moments and expressions through your art. 
drakenfolk's avatar
Haha that's awesome! You are super good with expressions, it's unbelievable! :D Tony's face is perfect.
Gassada's avatar
Thank you so much, I am happy you like it! Tony was a bit of a challenge for this one, I wanted him to look a bit speechless :)
Captains-Girl-2015's avatar
LOVE THIS!!!!! Well done!!!!
Gassada's avatar
Thanks again, dear, I am happ you like my pictures :blowkiss:
Fail-Seeker's avatar
Are those brass knuckles Natasha is using/wearing?
NocturnalWrites's avatar
I can see it now.  "Spangles and the Red Menace wrestling!  This'll go viral in ten minutes flat!"

Gassada's avatar
And after the video goes viral, there's a all sorts of fanfic and fanart making the rounds. Steve is equal amounts mortified and impressed by the fans' enthusiasm and pissed off at Tony. Tony has copies and prints of every artwort and story and randomly leaves them lying around for others (Steve) to find. Nat simply remarks of the glitches in their fighting routine.

Thank you!
I really like the chemistry between Nat and Steve, they make such a great team.
winterfrost318's avatar
XD I love this!!! :D
Gassada's avatar
Thank you!
la in love 
CodenameAJ's avatar
Gassada's avatar
Thank you so much, I am happy you like it! :heart:
jannaandhirelsa's avatar
Did you make this?Cause I can't stop looking at it!It's PERFECT!!!!!!
Gassada's avatar
Yes, I drew it, it's one of my oldies :)
jannaandhirelsa's avatar
Cool I love it!Do you still draw them?
Gassada's avatar
Define them? The Avengers? I have some other Avenger fanart.
jannaandhirelsa's avatar
Yes the Avengers.Do you still draw them now?
Gassada's avatar
I just uploaded a picture of Cap two weeks ago. I do still paint Avengers stuff, but it's slow-coming since my real life is very busy at the moment.
jannaandhirelsa's avatar
Cool.I was gonna ask if you can make one with Tony and Natasha together like if they were in love with each other, but you don't have to if you don't want to.Cause if you do then that'll make me SUPER happy but I can't force you.I mean you might be busy.
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