Support for comic-RTNR translator.

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RTNR support only for English. other language user discomfort read it.

Now, I support translator as below items.

<support item> 
- speech cloud removed comic page.(Png)
- invitation RTNR translator group (Skype)
- completed Text Document(GoogleDocs) (warning : Do Not share Public)

Someone want to translate, please send an e-mail.


 - Recall the Time of No Return[Chi translated]
 - Recall the Time of No Return[Traditional Chi] [1]

 - Recall The Time Of No Return [001] - Ukrainian

 - Recall the Time of No Return-page link library

 - Recall the Time of No Return [Polish] - page 1

 - Recall the Time of No Return 01 (PT-PT)

 - Recall the Time of No Return [French] - Cover

 - Recall the Time of No Return Part 01 (Spanish)

 -  Recall The Time Of No Return - Cover (00) [ITA]

 - belorusian
 - swedish

coming soon the new language version.
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I have no idea how your search for translators is coming along, but if your still looking for someone to do a SPANISH VERION, I'd like to volunteer myself for that!

It would be amazing to help you get this awsome story to everyone out there!
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Sorry for disturbing you.

Recently, a domestic friend of mine is trying to translate your series of comic into his first language (Chinese) after getting permission for translation from you. However, it seems that the translucent speech-bubbles are difficult for him to deal with. 

Therefore, I wonder whether he can get the image of comic without the "speech clouds", which you mentioned above, through his e-mail address.
I'll appreciate it if you can provide him with those pages. Moreover, I wonder if there's any precondition to get them.

BTW, nice comic!
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Heh, I'm translating it to Chinese now in the docs.
So what now...
Maybe different version of translations?
If not, I could try Bahasa Melayu instead...
Just that my malay isn't that great though
BrainlessPoop's avatar
Actually, just go ahead
I kinda gave up on it (Lack of motivation and laziness XD)
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Wow... (⊙o⊙) I’m sorta surprised to know that.

Actually, that domestic friend of mine has already finished his Chinese (Mandarin) translation of the comic so far and has posted the translated pages on a local website.

Well, actually, he just filled the original “translucent” speech-bubbles with white color in order to add texts on it. Because of this, I think that problem may be solved in an easier way.

BTW, in my personal opinion, if you’ve already been working on your own translation project (no matter what the language is), I suggest that you should stick to your original plan and complete the whole translation. After all, you have already put so much efforts on it. I can fully understand that.
In short, good luck and just go ahead, please. XD
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Oh yeah, does your friend had all the docs translated?
JoeWu2012Blue's avatar
Yes, he did.
He translates the comic page as long as the artist upgrades his work.
Well, except page 27, which was just released two and a half hours ago. XD 
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Well... I translated in the docs which is like a script. Already translated more then latest comic update XD
So yeah, I'm uploading my translation too into my DA
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I made blank version.
BrainlessPoop's avatar
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I'll make soon. just wait moment.
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so you are asking people to help you translate your comics into other languages?
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spanish, chinese, Ukraina ,Russian
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I guess so. But in which language will be translated? Chan chan CHANNN
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