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Wow. This is amazing. The concept... The execution... Just... Amazing.
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They look like yin and yang!
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The mane and tail background play is awesome, simply fantastic!
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Thought process while viewing this image:

This is amazing, but why is Luna upside down...?

... and, wait, why does she have no tail?

... and, what's up with Celestia's mane anywa... oh.

... oooh!

... ooooooooh!
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Glorious and yin-yang-ish!
It will be awesome if you put it in circle and then animate it so it keep spinning.
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My dad's gonna be mad when he sees this as my desktop. :D
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This is really cool! Added to my backgrounds :D
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Is the "Tao" the most beautiful I've ever seen.
You are told by one who practices martial arts.

Excuse the bad English.)


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Y'know, I don't think I've seen something like this done before. This is really, really cool. Thanks for making it!
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Put this around a mug and I will buy it.
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mug.... that's sound great.
Excuse my language but the first thing out of my mouth "literally" was "That is fucking cooooool."

just saying...

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Wonderful work. Well, as long as Luna doesn't mind floating upside down
GashibokA's avatar
you can rotate it
cajobif's avatar
I know, I know...

I like the concept.
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There is a mistake on Tia's tail. On the stem.
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