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flutter nap on the bear

Please don't move sweetie bear.
if you don't, I gonna crack your neck. If you never mind....
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Claws belong in the paws you dumb bear =o
HowieO777's avatar
Super cute, adorable and...SEXY!  😜😇😋😎
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So beautiful!! This is a canon-worthy shot to me!
I love Fluttershy and her special relationship with animals... because it's like the meaning of her life, her spirituality.
Well done!
HumanSVD's avatar
Damn, dat plot!
Sajujhan's avatar
ah yeah, dat ass...
oh and fluttershy is pretty cute too! ô.ô
Fowypup's avatar
pony butt. Adorable picture, but that's just sort of the first thing that I saw in this. No, I'm not a perv! her butt's just really prominent in this picture!
deli73123's avatar
I think that was probably intentional.
TheBronyArtist13's avatar
Why deny it when you can have fun with it :3   
ask-cream2's avatar
Fluttershy isn't my favorite pony but AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
WIZARDGOTHIC626's avatar
Lol, da teddy bear is gonna get dat assStitch clap plz 
pyroxblade's avatar
i am not going near a bear even for a waifu
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StreaksPsyche's avatar
Sweet. Gotta remember that wrinkle behind their hind-legs' upper joint.
x4rn0x's avatar
TheBamas's avatar
O__O :jawdrop:sooooooo ccuuute
ShootingFeather's avatar
daaww!!!So Cute!! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:
Snakepool's avatar
GoldenRibena's avatar
Reminds me of how my guinea pig lays down when I stroke his smooth back...
Zoe-Kinz's avatar
Teddy bear like zeh Fluttershy, yes? :3
Maddog3060's avatar
This is so cute MY HEART STOPPED HNNNG :iconhnnnngplz:
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