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commission - Waiting for inspiration

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:iconneoplz: "Ideas, lots of ideas."

...I'm sorry. But every time I see a white empty space like this, I can't help but think of the Matrix. :XD: ^^;
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I love the way that this is done. Great job.
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Wow, simply amazing.
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Really awesome artwork
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A really good description for it :) *applauses*
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Very pretty.


How does an earth pony write? O_O
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They hold the pencil/pen/quill, etc... with their mouth.
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Then how can they see what they're writing?! O____O
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Their Eye Eye 's are facing forward enough for them to look down at what they are writing on.
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...If you say so. XD
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Earth pony magic of course.Applejack - Hurpaderp 
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HMM! Pinkie must've forgotten she can levitate small objects when she was trying to fix the water shoot in Applejack's farm. Lol, silly Pinkie.
LaserPewPewRBLX's avatar
Yeah, she can be forgetful sometimes.
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This is very nice really like the background and the way you have it lay on the page makes the piece very interesting.
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Windows - Equestria Edition :)
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Great pic and nice theme. I've gone through that feeling numerous times: silence, figuring out a motivator, and looking out a window for something inspiring. :D
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