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Vote pool - Tarot : Everfree Deck Art Style

I'm ready to the new compensation for patreon.

It is the rider weight Tarot card. (major + minor)

So, I presents the three candidates.

1. watercolor + lore friendly + common ponies (ex 00-Fool)

2. old school + fineArt + comic type TV show character (ex 00-Fool)

3. fantasy thin line watercolor + Myth type TV show character (ex 01-Magician)

what do you like?

the compensation will be provided to the top five people when After completed comic.
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XxSnow-FlakexX's avatar
I really like the third, although the first has its charm too!
EldritchBeast's avatar
i like the third one ;> 
bruiser128's avatar
I go for the third option since Trixie and Starlight have interchangeable styles that work.
TheAmoryWarsSoldier9's avatar
MakasuBichi's avatar
I would love to see a tarot card deck with style #2
Mariachiman's avatar
Pinkie, she is the best character to represent The Fool
Treforce's avatar
For tarot cards... either 1 or 3
2DLima's avatar
I loved Style #3
Lovesight1's avatar
i like both the 3rd and 1st though the 3rd looks like it would be a much better fir for tarot cards in my personal opinion
tigreanpony's avatar
I like the old school #2, I would buy the tarot deck from you if you made one using the pony characters.
1Foxcomm's avatar
3  Though I could see them as 'The Wanderer', 'The Fool' and 'The Mage'.
As a long time collector of Tarot cards, let me say that 2 is just perfect.
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