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Trixie is delicate

Refers to those issues raised. The devil's in the YOU guys.
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GashibokkA explain yourelf. wtf is going on in this picture. 
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you mean "modeling"  , like for a magazine cover. ?
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Don't hurt Trixie!  D:
Kalenz123's avatar
Trixie looks like she really ain't in the mood.
Zalleus's avatar
There goes that Sethisto, violating the restraining order again.
Queen-KittyKat's avatar
of course....
but whyy does he do this weird thing all the time
YollerZ's avatar
wow beautiful art work <3
Abdisam-Billystorm's avatar
The great & submissive trixie is going to:D
DashBlitzLove's avatar
Es Braeburn (o como se diga) 
Milkitalix's avatar
i dun like where this is going especially since that colt looks like my oc....
oh well:iconpervytsplz:
DemPonyGirlz's avatar
Um....what is happening here
Xemnas-sama's avatar
I think that colt is going to mate Trixie. XD
Xemnas-sama's avatar
Her face makes me a little sad.
Tassadar2186's avatar
Rape? Seriously? If there's anything sexual going on here, the first thing that pops to mind is that she's a pet and her master is posing her properly. If this were rape, I'd expect her to be upset, or angry, or have tears in her eyes, rather than the content "you can't touch this because I'm not yours and you're beneath me" look she's giving. That said, nice pic. Very attractive. :)
littlequeen456's avatar
Awww, he's protecting her!
GashibokA's avatar
Chai-Wolf's avatar
My initial thought before reading the comments was that Trixie was beaten in a fight and the stallion(probably someone's OC) was protecting her XD

Who the hell got rape from this? XD ;;
FakeTsuki's avatar
possibly because it appears she's on a bed. Or some kind of cloth, if you look REAL closely at her hooves. But you know, people imaginations. 8D
That's why the artist left that description o 3o
number1AndySixxlover's avatar
Looks like The Great And Powerful Trixie finally got pinned down. Now she gets the D!
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