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WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning!
Once there was a little girl called Clarissa, she was ten-years-old and she lived in a mental
hospital, because she killed her mom and her dad. She got so bad she went to kill all the
staff in the hospital so the More-government decided that best idea was to get rid of her so
they set up a special room to kill her, as humane as possible but it went wrong the
machine they were using went wrong. And she sat there in agony for hours until she died.
Now every week on the day of her death she returns to the person that reads this letter, on
a Monday night at 12:00 a.m. She creeps into your room and kills you slowly, by cutting you
and watching you bleed to death. Now send this to ten other pictures on this one site, and
she will haunt someone else who doesn't. This isn't fake. apparently, if you copy and paste
this to ten comments in the next ten minutes you will have the best day of your life tomorrow.You
will either get kissed or asked out, if you break this chain u will see a little dead girl in your room
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Haha! :chuckle: This made me chuckle. I guess Applebloom just doesn't want to do that right now. :XD: You illustrated this nicely, and it's quite effective humor wise. Very cute.Meow La  
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But I didn't listen (Apple Jack) PLZ Do you wanna build a..
But I didn't listen (Apple Jack) PLZ Snowman?
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:DD ok Applejack you're annoying
honesty is annoying
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XD Poor Applebloom. lol.
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that joke is begining to get old just Let It Go
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I thought it would be Big Mac!
Discorded Applejack Do you wanna build a --
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Glad I don't have to get the Frozen reference to enjoy this, it's still funny. I don't watch musicals as I usually hate them. Songs on MLP is really the only exception. Don't ask me why, by all accounts I should hate them as well, but I don't. I actually love the majority of them.
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Meh snowmen are too mainstream, why not build Zoidberg-man or a hayman?
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frozen pony probApple Bloom Emote :applejack: 
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Frozen - Don't like

Ponified Frozen - Like
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How does one not like frozen? The songs were great, the animation was outstanding. The story was well played out and paced... The voice actors did an amazing job as well...
TheAmoryWarsSoldier9's avatar
I didn't like it because there wasn't any development of any sort in the movie. For example, when Olaf sings about summer it brings up the question: How the hell does he know about summer? He was made completely through unintentional means during a snow storm. How does he even know that there are other seasons for that matter?

Another thing, all the songs were place in the first act of the whole thing. A musical is supposed to place the songs far enough apart to where the viewer is not overwhelmed with music. In here, all 7 of the 8 songs are played in the first half. It's too much in one sitting. Speaking of songs, the song "Fixer Upper" was completely unneeded and didn't progress the plot in any way. It was a complete waste of time.

Which brings me to two other points that make the movie underdeveloped. The rock trolls weren't used almost at all. They appeared in the movie for a max of 10 minutes of an almost two hour film. Elsa's snow monster got more screen time. And when they get to the rock trolls, it is revealed that Kristoff was an orphan and taken in by them, but why is it that they don't announce this until halfway through the movie? The one rock troll said "I'm gonna keep you" in the beginning, true; but there was never any clarity on him being an orphan. The line was said as if it were a joke and no one ever mentioned him being an orphan.

And another thing, Anna and Kristoff's relationship wasn't developed at all. Whenever they weren't progressing the plot by going from point a to point b, they were bickering. They never had a moment where they just talked unless it was expository. Why didn't they bond about being orphans? That seems like something they had in common.

But, yeah. It's reasons like that that make me not like Frozen and I don't believe that it deserves all the praise that it gets. "As good as Beauty and the Beast"? Yeah, Tangled and Princess and the Frog blow Frozen out of the water...
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I don't know whether to agree or disagree.
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