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Scar of Solar[eng] - page 023

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I see why you would think that, but no, that's just where she keeps her favorite cursed artifacts. Her diary is better hidden.
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And when she opens it up, it play the same music from Zelda.
RoboRed's avatar
Twi looks really cute sneaking in that fourth panel there.
Lukhanus's avatar
It's a TRAP!Star Wars - It's A Trap! 
samuraivalerie's avatar
Backlash91's avatar
wait...celestia isn't even in bed....
Sturmlion1's avatar
Celestia may be sleeping but she isn't alone....
Aren't you a genius Twilight? Haven't you heard of too easy?
folklore17's avatar
Poor Twilight, caught up in Luna's nutty schemes 
Maxord11's avatar
Mimic, definitely a mimic. Twilight is dead.
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 Wait, is Celestia in that very same room? Twilight is so going to get caught...
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well this it's going just too easy
Coletrain12's avatar
Too...easy, dun dun duuuun, 
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😱 What if she wakes up?
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She’s not asleep.
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This is getting quite interesting.
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It's a Mimic!
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Shiny treasure, best visible thing in a dark room, 100% trap
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