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Running away was stupid and out of character, not the prank itself. Why on Equus, everypony (almost) portrayeth Luna as a weak one? *facehoofs*
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You have a point. However, it is not a matter for the Second creative. 
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I was marely :p stating.
I have to be honest, that was VERY stupid of Luna. I actually want to say it's so stupid, it's out of character.

I mean, just imagine if Celestia had done a prank where she started telling Luna she was still evil and Nightmare Moon and acted like she was about to re-imprison her in the moon.
What was the look on Celestia's face? We didn't get to see it. Why didn't you show it? I think that was important for us to see since it's so important to the story. Will we see it later?
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Doing that was a pretty stupid idea from Luna. Nightmare Moon is much more than a scary monster for Celestia; it's a lot more personal.
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Yeah, and forget that Nightmare took Luna away from Celestia, and she had only 1000 something years of loneliness...
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Way to go Tia you mad Luna cry. 
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Yeah, how about Luna made Tia cry for a thousand years before? Or it doesn't count?
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Yeah your right. It counts. 
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it was Tia's fault to begin with cause she ignored Luna's cries/pleas for love/help/affection/attention for so long
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What did I say that Celestia cried for the thousand years? Or do you not understand that Celly heavily regretted her mistake?
"How do you know about the parts you weren't there for?"
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:iconwoonasadplz: Like Freezer said:

<da:thumb id="712887509"/>All done.
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In all fairness, she could have just started getting out when Celly started talking, and started running when she called out her name.
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But...I just wanna hug her!
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I mean what did Luna expect? Someone can't get over that kind of trauma like that, it stays with them forever.
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its also halloween,it'd be obvious that she'd choose nightmare moon for her costume.
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