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Scar of Solar[Eng] - page 004

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Bad move Luna, bad move.
Ooooooh. Celestia fell on the floor (that's the back of her head against the ground) and Luna as Nightmare Moon is standing over her and can see the look in Celestia's eyes.
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What the hay is happening in panel 3?
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Yup, I'm wondering as well
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"Boom, thousand years; no trial."
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What part of Celestia is in that third panel
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The left side of her face, you can see her ear and crown, Luna is literally ON her, looking at her eyes. there is where she saw her face and she didn't like what she saw, maybe Celestia was terrified or angry.
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oh, thank you. Had a hard time making it out
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It's important to identify the right jokes for your audience.
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Strange, she seemed fine the next oabe.
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