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Scar of Solar[Eng] - page 003

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Yeah, I'm sure Celestia will find the truamatic memories of banishing her sister funny.
Sasukemanuel's avatar
that's the reason why i love luna
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
Because that worked SO WELL the last time.

AetherCode00's avatar
Oh that will not end well.
BenRG's avatar
Yeah, because this is likely to turn out well!
ThreeDollarBillsYall's avatar
I can tell that is gonna end very badly
I am the Box Moon Ghost! Beware!
This isn't going to end well
templar127's avatar
Luna: BLEAGH!!!!

Tia: Not gonna work Luna. 

Luna: I ate your cake!!

Tia: you WHAT?!?!?!
starwars1223's avatar
lol that would work 
starwars1223's avatar
yes indeed that got me weak 
EMositeCC's avatar
Bad Idea, Luna.
next thing you know, your back on the moon.  i know that joke is old, but thinking about this situation, i can't think of anything else
cmm07r's avatar
"And then next thing I knew I was viewing equestria from a more "lunar" perspective.
MissEmkay's avatar
I know how it is to pull a prank and it go South really quick 
Lukhanus's avatar
Mahaha! Do it! 
DemonicClone's avatar
great comic so far, looking forward to the rest.
can hardly wait to see Celestia's reaction.
as for my attempts at translating the korean version,
sadly the google translate app can't translate korean at all.
and what little broken english did get translated
was only partially in context with the images.
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