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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 95


New Patron OC incoming. Sundown is Richard Speakman's OC. he is Badass Butler.

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wait what if she is telling the truth what then😮

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Doctor: MY TIE!

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the old Twilight would have been overjoyed to see them, this is suspicious
Still suspicious 
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Okay, I snorted at that. In fact, that totally explains why the guard didn't put a collar on the Doc in the first place: probably didn't even realize he wasn't wearing one.
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The Doctor still willing to have a go at the guard! :D
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hehehe doctor almost got strangled
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*sniff sniff sniff*
Smell that?


Nice job.
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dayum.. twilight is so hot.
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Hotter than the sun
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What the fuck is wrong with you
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Um...did i say something wrong? If i did then i am just pointing out that twilight is like so hot that it was awesome(i am talking about how she acts and appearance).
AlzMarioWolfe's avatar
But she's a horse...
Bleyk36's avatar i do not know how to answer that so :D
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I don't see the problem you have, he thinks she's beautiful, you know there's more than one fetish/attraction right. True, bestiality is wrong but she isn't real so there is no bestiality there, just fictiophilia and she is more of an alien than an animal. Quote: 'beauty is in the eyes of the beholder'
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She's technically an animal. And no, it's fine if he said she's beautiful... But he said she's hot... That's literally catcalling. No girl would want to be called hot. It's like he's saying she's sexy. She's a horse... 
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Were these pages put up on EQD? Cause I'm confused. :confused:  (Probably the next one was.)
Also, the Doctor's tie :XD:
Love the comic! :D 
Interesting . . . are the guards constructs? Other than the inability to distinguish ties from restraints, they're remarkably lifelike, if so.
Those OCs kinda ruin every other page. :-|
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Twiiiliiiight Q_Q she's not as bad as the others made her out to be, is she?
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