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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 94


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jamiekendallbordo's avatar
you not Twilight the one you used to be.
Saiyanstrong's avatar
*suspicious glare*
Coobalt-Dahonli-One's avatar
Twilight: "I am sorry for my guards mistreating all of you. I truly am."

"I truly am."

Where have I heard this before?

"I am sorry about Raven, Charles. I truly am."
-Erik Lensherr, X-Men DoFP

No, we need to go deeper.

"I am sorry about your mother, Erik. I truly am."
-Sebastian Shaw, X-Men First Class

And that's coming from the man who killed the former's mom in cold blood.
Something tells me Twilight might not be sincere about her apologies...
sora765's avatar
well i am sure it would've been better if twilight actually was against party ponies and fashion ponies instead of just earth ponies because those ponies can be annoying
Winterslynch's avatar
While they're in a Time Situation, Rarity only cares about her Skin? Lol
I bet Twilight keeps her shackles cleaner and less rusty than the diamond dogs did. So you've had worse.
It's just me ... or anypony else smell something burning in the backgrond?
Hellshooter's avatar
Ah yes, the smell of burning lies.
swirliee's avatar
What do u mean?
Well, in my country we say "smell something burning" whit the meaning "feel something wrong", because when you feel that smell , you know that someone has spoiled dinner.

P.S.: I am Italian, if you are asking about.
Animatorsnake's avatar
She may be a tyrant now, but at least she knows that it's really her friends... I hope
YaraKaze's avatar
She's planning on something. Mind controlling them to join her side, I guess
GenerationRage's avatar
Don't lie Twlight, your not sorry.
Right now Twilight is merely distracting the Doctor while sending her guards to steal the Tardis
Hellshooter's avatar
But I'm guessing one of two things will happen before they get the chance, Either Riversong will show up and ruin her plans or the tardis won't take her crap.
GaoHAQ's avatar
But she doesn't have a key
legoboy1715's avatar
So she's still the same Twilight after thousands of years? there must be something more... I can feel it!

Oh and by the way, GREAT STORY!!!
ShinjitsuForever's avatar we thought how would she act like...she still have the same Twilight within after all, it's just hidden deep inside like most of the villains, they actually have an inner heart...and uhh, Rarity...that's for being like a white vanilla cream unicorn...hehe...I'm being racist to myself...why?!
poci20's avatar
Rarity you forgot that you have a coat not skin. You're a pony Rarity.
The prophecy was never about twilight's death.
The prophecy was a prophecy of life.
The prophecy is still valid.
Twilight will not outlive her friends, because her friends will exist for as long as twilight does.
how that happens is irrelevant to the prophetic forces binding Twilight's world-line.
In this case, we see that thanks to time travel her friends existence, while incongruous , does continue on at the very least to 1000 years in the future.
Other means exist by which the prophecy can force its own fated existence into validation.

The logic holds.

The logic also holds if Twilight petrified or otherwise placed her friends into stasis, to insure her own survival, hopefully with the willing consent of the stasis-ed ponies.
Loudalis's avatar
interesting,warming up on Twilight. we'll see where this goes.
BBBHuey's avatar
Interesting move by Twilight. It could be a trap...
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