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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 92


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solserratcvr's avatar
damn it Twilight
Saiyanstrong's avatar
Kami's Voice: Bitch.
The entire scene makes me think like I'm looking at the same eyes- they still have their color, but the fire is dead
Saiyanstrong's avatar
The fire is dead inside her.
mlpics's avatar
oh shiiiiiiioooooooot!!!!

I keep coming back to this page. It's so messed up but so epic at the same time XDDD

'Well screw you too, darling!!!'
Spawn6789's avatar
Damn Twilight. That's cold even for you.
marinus18's avatar
I would imagine Twilight's reaction would be a lot more extreme. That she would be extremely confused, exhilarated and even somewhat angry at seeing them again.

She's acting now like a villain and I just don't see how Twilight could become that.
LadySolonna's avatar
She leave for 1000 years
I leaved little less than 30 and nothing surprises me anymore

So why should she be surprised?
grisador's avatar
She lost herself very well !
Randomponyzilla's avatar
That is not Twilight. not in the slightest. lol
Shenronn's avatar
Twilight was about to kiss Fluttershy XD
MiaRosette1028's avatar
DragonKingAlpha's avatar
Oh yeah that is an evil Twilight if I have ever seen one! 
MiragePotato's avatar
ugly old mule?

BRINGHT IT ON MOTH****** FU***** BI****
Bleyk36's avatar
this won't end well
TheDominator25's avatar
Twilight just called Rarity an ugly old mule. That is a friggin stab in the heart right there. That is some deep animosity 
PrincessCelestiaYay2's avatar
I love how these are made in only like a day its awesome
fyre-flyte's avatar
Well someway i really have hopes for this thing

I shall make a story for that
GashibokA's avatar
awwwww... don't tease me.
fyre-flyte's avatar
              20% cooler 8D
PrincessCelestiaYay2's avatar
I see... Same profile pic as fyre-flye, almost same name! You mus really love Lauren Faust or something like that.
Loudalis's avatar
for some reason,I have a feeling Twily doesn't sound like a villain here,unlike most ppl do
MiaRosette1028's avatar
Same at first I feel like she is bad but I have feel she will return back to as she used to be in the near end of story.
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