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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 91


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" You look terrible. Tired and bothered. "
P-the-J's avatar
Wow no f*@#$ given even when presented with her friends from a millennia ago
marinus18's avatar
Twilight looks great; really intimidating and majestic but also having a certain innocence about her.
marinus18's avatar
Maybe they can now take a diplomatic approach. After all the rebels have 3 of them and Twilight now has 2.
Randomponyzilla's avatar
not gonna lie, she looks like a tyrant.
Kinda-L's avatar
WOW.My clothes little look like the ts
NoradTwo's avatar
"A funny thing happened on our way to the future."
Shenronn's avatar
Princess Celestia wearing King Sombra's armour
Bleyk36's avatar
dem.. my heart skp a beat when i saw her xD
SunriseShine88's avatar
Finally, to see twilight close.
Sturmlion1's avatar
Rarity doesn't pull off the iron collar well.
YaraKaze's avatar
Oh damn that cold eyes
I really love her mane tho
Centaur71's avatar
HORSES! I know she's a Princess and all, but when did Twilight start acting all Huge and Powerful??
Element0fKindness's avatar
Umm, I thought that was covered pretty well already.
warkins's avatar
empress she got a promotion
sigel4ever's avatar
the heartless tyrant, twilight
RoseSong2468's avatar
FINALLY. I WAITED LIKE 30 PAGES FOR THIS. But like really I'm calling it that she'll either hug them in like a few seconds or just kill them
Winterslynch's avatar
jyroman53's avatar
DAYUM SON Twi is getting bigga !
SilverYuno1's avatar
The previews pages did their job. I am seriously afraid to give Twilight a hug! OMG LOOK AT THAT  
Nikary's avatar
She's so cold...
cosmofur's avatar
If she really doesn't recognize them right away, then I'm going to say that's amother hint she was replaced with a changing during that war and then real twilight been locked away in a cacoon somewhere this whole time.
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