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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 90


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Hate that damnned castle, where all my joys died with my hopes.
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the castle hates you to.  it looks like its flipping you off.
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no seriously have you ever seen the castle from the outside?  it looks like someone flipping someonelse off.  looks like a hand, with its middle finger out. 
Yeah... roughly, it does have a similar outline

I think I wanted to screech about how I could make the same assumption after s4 finale.... but I’d lost hope by then

Could make an entire decvisive narration about how it’s proof of most bronies being duped .... and love being taken as fools....
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Wait- The Resistance said they've tried "Everything", but have they tried sending Twilight her best friends and having Pinkie Pie throw her a party?

Pinkie Pie: "Throw them a party and hope that cheers them up? Nobody can be evil after they've had my Cherry-Berry Upside-Down cake!"
Spike: "It's true. That cake changed my life."

(IDW Comic quote)
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And so there plan is fruitless without them.
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Time to see 1000 year old Twilight now
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Twilight time!
Twilight time!
Twilight time!
I wanna see your empress pony dudes!
Twilight (Squee) Plz 
(Plus it looks like if her castle is still the same)
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OOOOOHHHHHH,come on! Let us meet Twilight!! 
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oh boy, this is gonna be interesting.
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Are you sure they'll want to leave the castle? Twilight may be quite happy to see them.
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Im actually also waiting for other new chars, and of course, Twilight...... Don't even think about putting some artifacts from AssassinsCreed...... Especially the staff and sword. And good thing I'm listening to Seven Lions - Worlds apart, really gets me into this story and stuff, try it if you like guys.
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s*** just got real.
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ok, WHENEVER I read this.......... pls, release FOR HONOR ALREADY.
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It's finally happening!! Empress Twilight, the traitor!! She is coming!!
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Well, that castle always did look like a villain's castle (on the inside, anyway). It's kind of fitting now that it is the castle of a villain.
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Mmmmm, curious as to how this will all play out...

Good show.
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Hmm, positive and negative things on that Spike, you're thinking that Twilight would keep them forever as she lives so on, and they would never return to their own realm/ time, while the positive thing is, Twilight would be happy to see them again, so that would be so twisting if the two would just occur in one time, so it's like there's something wrong inside Twilight's mind, like Pinkie, there are two sides of her, the other is a Super Party Pony, the other is a Serial Killer, so, if that happens, Twilight's other half would be a Good Friend and the Element of Harmony, Magic, the other would be an Evil Empress that thinks negatively on her own citizens. It's only between the two options from now on.

And also, I hate it that they kept calling them as Keys instead of Friends or Bearers, it almost sounds like they are just using them as a thing to unlock something for their own selves.
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Keys... I am starting to suspect that Spike sees them as possibly the key to restoring her sanity... by bringing back all the memories, if she is not too far gone...

Nonetheless, she has committed a lot of evil actions, and so, must pay the price for them, meaning of friendship remembered or not...
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And that's the thing that I kept babbling about since how pages before...
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