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Rainbow Dash is taking this whole thing surprisingly well. Then again, people don't give her enough credit when it comes to military situations. At the point in time she's from, she was already training with the Wonderbolts (even though she wasn't an official member yet), so she's not a newbie to operations like this. 
And we've seen in the series 5 finale that she has a lot of potential for wartime.
That makes it personal
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I don't think Lily was out of place at all. She had to say it and I was fully on her side during her outburst. Pinkie Pie is resilient so she'll get over it.
Also I think Lily would be very embittered because she used to be Twilight's student. She believed in Twilight and looked up to her at one point. That the pony that she once admired would turn into something so horrible would really make an impact on a young mind.
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About what? I said 2 different things.
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Emote - Shy Wave 01  Oopsie, I meant the first one! 
Though I think the the second one is also likely.
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I felt the same way
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Just because you lost a loved one to another doesn't mean you can be excused for an outburst. Especially not when you're telling another to murder one of their loved ones. Not even when their's killed your's.
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damn so many dark stories lurks in mlp fan universe.
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Ouch, she lost a sister because of Twilight, that explains her outburst earlier.
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Still not happy they would betray Twilight.
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then let read thee whole comic that might change your comic
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I have read it. But the betrayal still both stings and I can't understand it.
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That doesn't mean that she can act like a bi#ch to everypony,Spike 😈
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younger sister?
oh she has to die now.
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I can't help feeling that Gold Lily is an alicorn. Since I started reading this comment and saw Gold Lily I had this weird feeling sge might be an alicorn. She wears a cloak, which could hide her wings (and cutiemark) and she was Twilights ex-pupil, right?
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I think she might possibly be a unicorn. I see heavy parallels between her as Twilight's student and how Twilight was Celestia's student... and as the story has gone, Twilight became reigning princess... so, following the same line of thought, it is easy to see where it will end up... just not how.
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True, that is a good point. I am really wondering how it will end...
And I am just really wondering what Gold Lily's cutiemark is though XD
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something has been bugging me, given that
a changeling's magic is a simple illusion that can be revealed with magic.
a red changeling's transformation must be permanent
either a physical transformation that physically turns them into a pony
with the brain of a changeling
a brain eating larva that takes over the host pony
as seen here.
Ask Pun - Changeling Conversion by Wadusher0
GashibokA's avatar
I'm a member of Askpun. but my comic is not including.
DemonicClone's avatar
all I am doing is throwing around theories.
as the author could you explain why
the red changelings couldn't be told apart from normal ponies?
or will you be explaining it later in the story?
if the latter, I'm fine with waiting.
GashibokA's avatar
there a reason why am I using 'Crimson' changeling instead of Normal changeling. I'll explain.
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