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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 88


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Did we just miss the sappy " just talk to her" idea?
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I feel like the others should be a little more torn up about this, but then I remember that AJ is probably one of if not the most mature of the group
NoradTwo's avatar
Rainbow, telling it like it is.
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The shark hormones must be affecting spike's mind. If i went to a party and some friend gave me a gun and said "but we have to kill them tho", what do you think i would do?
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didn't think Spike would forget about their personalities so quickly,like DUH!
Have you forgotten that Spike hasn't seen them for nearly 1000 years? I'm surprised he even remembers them after so long.
At least Rainbow Dash gets it.
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Throw a party then kill her as quick as possible Levi Rivaille (Time to Kill) [V2]  You Kill..Onion 
Animatorsnake's avatar
THAT WAS THE ONLY REASON THEY EVEN CAME, I can imagine Twilight accusing her own friends from 100 hundred years, thinking they wanted her to die when all they wanted was to celebrate her birthday... wow now I just made it even more darker than it was originally meant to be
It's been a long time, hasn't it, Spike.

It's always a little disturbing when you would swear that an old friend has changed, except you know that's impossible.
Mario-Sonic-On-Utube's avatar
Did I wonder in at the wrong time?
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
Well, PINKIE'S OPTION I GO! ON TO THE PARTY!!! Cheeries Pinkie, cheer up!
ChaoticNote's avatar
nice butt
also damn i almost forgot why they were here in the first place
Soulflutigress's avatar
Yeah seriously Spike
Riverfox237's avatar
Dang, it's like she took the words from my comment on the last page right out of my mouth. Thank you for declaring the point, Rainbow.
tigreanpony's avatar
Well Dash being the word of reason is new, but again they did say help her not just kill her. Of course it is looking like that will be the case. Also wow Spike you really forgot about friendship.
BoneSatellite's avatar
Spike never had any friends.
I've been a little disappointed that Spike doesn't seem to remember his friends too well.
DeppressedUnicorn's avatar
It has been over 100 years.  I would be having a hard time remembering a face after that long to.
Valmar33's avatar
I think you meant a thousand... anyways, I think I can see it from Spike's point-of-view. I am guessing he probably expected anything other than a heroic BSOD reaction... I bet Spike feels quite bad now for upsetting her... I hope he apologizes and tries to inject some hope into her. He could have said that murder was no longer the only option, but perhaps he was just about to get to that before the discussion blew up... :/
I suppose that's fair. Still a bit of a disappointment though.
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Wow Spike... wow, cold much? Jeebus xD
Ahhh Rainbow, can always count on you to be the voice of reason :D sometimes :giggle:

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It depends, if the friend was like Twilight, I would probably do it. Not with joy, but still do it
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