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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 87


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Flash Fire: *Sigh.* Why was I so young and blind. Why did I not stay and help. *Sigh.* Enough this is not my reality, and thus not my place to tamper what has been write. 
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it is always someones right to tamper with the works of tyranny.
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Flash Fire: True. However, since I do not actually exist in this particular reality, me tampering would actually cause more harm than good. By that I mean a total collapse of the multiverse. Unfortunately, I can only interact with realities where I, or at lest some version of myself, exist.   
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Flash Fire: Yes. However, it does not help the pain I feel when I see a reality where Twilight is in danger. Or worse, Evil. 
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The only way to ease the pain is to know that evil, never wins, not forever.
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Flash Fire: True. :) (Smile) 
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It was something that had to be said. They had to understand the seriousness of the situation.

I really like Golden Lily, I wonder what her backstory is. She was Twilight's student but just how did that go down? Was Twilight a mother figure for her like Celestia was to Twilight?
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Okay, I know what the title means
Then stop the madness. But don't go in with a plan you can't follow through on. Better no plan than a plan to stop in the middle of your plan.
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"We need to help her"

... I know what you did there :D
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I'm sorry, but both Applejack and Rainbow Dash seem REALLY out of character in this page. I mean, come on, they are Twilight's friends! Are they just gonna believe what Spike said without any hard proof? Neither Applejack, nor Rainbow seemed to take Spike seriously in their own time line, so why would they do so here, in this future? Also, Rainbow Dash is the element of loyalty, did the writer of this comic just suddenly forget about that? What about Applejack's true and honest nature? She now would willingly kill her best friend? I'm sorry, but I expected a whole lot of oppositions and more intense emotions to what Spike just said.

Now it's just, like, 'Eh, let's just get Twilight out of the way. Spike said so.' Disappointing and immersion-breaking.
I'd rather prefer to be logical than in character, as of right now there is no simple "lets throw twilight a party so she can have a change of heart!" solution to the problem, her friends know that this twilight is not the same one the once knew. For so long most answers to the problem would be just Elemens of Harmony or hurr deh hurr friendship! That's not the case here, either go with a logical plan or not get involved of you know what's coming. So again, I would rather prefer characters that try logic and reason to justify their actions rather than a bunch of fuckheads that go around screaming friendship for every problem there is just for the sake of staying on character.
They agreed that Twilight has gone insane, needs help and must be stopped. But "must be stopped" does not necessarily mean killing her off.

They haven't decided that she must die yet and I doubt they wouldn't make that call until they see Twilight for themselves. They just need to be aware that they may need to consider this option since all the locals think that's how far gone she is.
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I think that I have to agree with you on this one. It could have been done better.

Though... now that I think about it further, "we need to help her" does not implicitly mean supporting a plan of murder. Applejack's comment is fine, as well. So, yeah, they seem to be in character... the dialogue could have been slightly better, though.
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Where's discord?
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Hmm..I didn't know untill now where Celistia and Luna and Cadence are...
What happened When, Where and How?
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What should they do after meet twilight?
When her friends gone, twilight will become mad again...
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Pinkie can not handle the stress of losing a friend
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Lily is that one character that would survive starring in a horror movie.
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I'm really liking Spike the Commander in this comic now, he's really cool. 
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I must say, I am no fan of him in canon, but here, yes, very cool indeed.
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Pinkie you do realise they didn't say kill Twilight they are saying help her that doesn't mean you will have to kill her. I'm sure they don't want to do that unless there was no other choice.
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