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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 86


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nooooo pinkamena
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56,421 ponies...dead.  NO MORE.
At this rate, 50% of the population will have to die before the line is beyond question, considering the Number this far is too tiny compared to the population overall- it's simply too little to threaten the society as a whole and thus most are clearly not convinced it's too much... so one in two ponies need to die. That sound like fun Pinkie?

but hey, I guess you could all try talking too her if your faith is that strong. Just brace for the pain if she breaks it.
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Wait, only a little over two thousand? That's... tiny. Miniscule. Doesn't even register on the scale. More ponies probably just STOP BREATHING every single day.
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It was edited after I commented, I believe. The original number was two thousand.
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so they decide to make it bigger.  makes sense.
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maybe if you compare it to all of equestria but even then we don'T have/never had any kind of clue of how many ponies live in equestria. 
Also, these informations might be only centered around the population of ponyville cuz i doubt that the rebellion has that much reach over the entire country.
ALSO if a lot of ponies already died DURING the war with the changelings. And lastly, we are talking execution, murder and similar causes of death, not death by age or natural desease.
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I was mainly working off the assumption that we were speaking of Equestria in general (because a rebellion sequestered to a single city would not have the resource base to support itself and would be simplicity itself to wipe out), and that Equestria has a population of millions (given that Equestria is more or less the functional equivalent to North America in their world, and taking into account their technological advancement and civilization tier, I'd make a guestimate of a population less than one hundred million). I know that we're talking non-natural deaths, but there is no way that all of those occurred during a single day. The way that they are stated and the causes themselves makes me think that these happened over an extended period of time, perhaps months or even years. I'm making the point that, compared to contemporary human examples of similar events, it is relatively clean and quite small.

Which, if you think about it, is even scarier because it should have been far worse than it was. So the question is more "why is it not a fraction as bad as it could have been", and the answers I get extrapolating from there range from unpleasant to downright horrifying.
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I haven't read farther yet, and I predict Twyrant thinking they are changelings.
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why would Twilight go that far?
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2,202 ponies all killed by Twilight. Damn, that's a low blow. I think it's best if that tyrant be put down. Tia and Luna wouldn't want Twilight like this.
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No.  56421.  read it right. 52,021 killed becuase they were accused of being channgelings.  4,400 killed for rebelling.
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Excuse me? I was 'reading it right'. I was just not doing the math. -_-
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Sorry.   said it like 2 or three times, gets kinda repeitive.
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How many of those deaths were actually crimson changelings in disguise though? I realize there were lots of innocent casualties, but there actually WERE changelings, right?
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Pinkemina will have her revenge
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Harsh, but necessary.
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number 2202 holds 3 pcs number 2
2 times 3, outcame is 6
Pinkie holds 6 letters
so holds Rarity

just a coincidence?! I dont' think so!

result, this comic haves something in common with illuminati.

For realzies, that's one of the my favorite comics. Keep rockin'!
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Hal Life 3 confirmed
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