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So, what?
You just waited? You waited, and watched, and did NOTHING-

OH YES, I'M SURE THAT THIS WAS ALL UNAVOIDABLE! Oh, it's just a PHASE! SHE'LL get over it! Because she's not allowed to-
Oh, geez: is this how Celestia feels all the time? Yeek.
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Yeah you tell her Celestia pony
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Waiting is the solution for when the others don't work, not the main attempt before an irreversible one.
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Well what were you waiting for? In a case like this, good things only come to those who wait if they can wait until Twilight dies of other causes. Friends don't let friends abuse power in silence.
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In return, we got CAKE!
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In return, you got a tyrant blinded by war and bloodshed... war change ponies (and or dragons and other creatures of Equestria and beyond)
Pinkie go use your super speed and give twilight a hug already, WE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT
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If someone's going insane,you can't help them by sitting around and doing nothing.Do none of them remember Nightmare Moon?
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I doubt that they sat around and did nothing... waiting does not imply lack of activity and effort on their part.
i dont really sure in fact, that Twilight merits death.
she won the war, she saved ponies society

moreover, now she is trying to prevent the new accidents.
she became cold and 
mirthless, but is this a reason to kill her?

i am really sorry about Twilight. s
he suffered so much
Valmar33's avatar
"trying to prevent new accidents"... by killing ponies without any proof that they are Changelings?

Look at page 80 again...
i think that it is the errors of those who is executing, not the Twilight
but, again, if it is so, we heard it from one side, not from Twilight

moreover, if its so, she did it just because afraid the new war, not because she is absolute evil
Valmar33's avatar
Those who did the executions were following Twilight's orders... her guards blindly obey her orders. Yes, we have not heard Twilight's side of the story, however, I doubt she is going to be reasonable, if what Spike and Gold Lily have said is true...

She did it out of paranoia and fear of the Changelings, but she went to an extreme that was unjustifiable - she had ponies executed with no supporting evidence. Which is tyranny...
even it is so, i hope,  there is a another way to change the situation
Valmar33's avatar
I hope so, as well... sometimes, solutions are never as simple as we want them to be...
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HAH! The other half is with Twilight! They'll do the job! Spike can't even remember how many element of harmonies are there?!...wait...he remembers...
Ponies are dying needlessly. Something must be done, this much is true. The issue is that the Resistance acts like the only two options are, leave Twilight completely unchecked or kill her.
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In return? You got an insane Twilight ordering the mass execution of innocent ponies... yeah, that is probably the time they left and set up the rebellion. Mass execution was probably the last straw... the day their trust in her died...
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While I sided with Pinkie on the redemption and 'not killing Twilight' part, you can't solve anything here by waiting for this or that, you have to put in the effort and fight for it.  They need to find out what caused the transformation in her in the first place and fix it, and with both group in play, things might get fix.  That is, if that is the real Twilight...

Great job with this, keep up the awesomeness!
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