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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 84


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I bet he had. A lot.
Oh NOW you want an alternate route? Homey if you want that, you are better off going to the past and convincing twilight to reject Celestia's offer.

we have an immortal gone radical- what choice is there!? Its been melinnia, she's probably too broken to heal.
Ismalith's avatar
Also it would be really awkward if they kill her and then travel back in time to past Twilight
CaioOfBrazil's avatar
probably they (Mane 5) will forget all that happened in this adventure when it's time to go back to the present, like (SPOILER ALERT!!!) when the War Doctor and the Tenth Doctor forgot the events of The Day of The Doctor.
Ismalith's avatar
I don't know if just forgetting would be that logical.
They might wander through time lines but their own remains constant and unaffected, if they would forget because of another time line, this would be a huge mess of time travel.

We will see how this story goes on.
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I'm with Pinkie on this.
kacript's avatar
Pinkie, Spike's probably been waiting to see the old Twilight return, for who knows how long, years, decades even, I don't blame Spike for losing hope after that amount of time. You've only lived with this Twilight for like a day or so, not even a week.
nyanpheonix101's avatar
Its weird to see pinkie being angry
That's horeapples, AJ, and I think you know it. You don't have it in you to kill Twilight no matter what picture Spike paints. Don't talk like you're going to do it.
RobbieCave's avatar
This is a great dilema. Twilight is their friend, but she became a tyrant.
BBBHuey's avatar
Pinkie may have a point, but Spike has witnessed a nearly thousand years of pain and tragedy after Twilight took control. He may have simply run out of options...
Drakon-Fireblade's avatar
The more it is good that they now are there to help cause they might still HAVE options to there hoofs
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
Pinkie logic's finally right this time, I'm going with Pinkie, because the other half of the group might be changing Twilight's heart since "the prophecy" there, Twilight wants to see them and she would be surprised to see her friends back from the dead or even back from the future.
Valmar33's avatar
We can hope that Pinkie is right, though I am not sure it is going to be so simple...
sigel4ever's avatar
hunterN05's avatar
Whew... angry Pinkie is scary D:
elijahtrevelyan's avatar
An angry that's a rare thing!
MiguelofKing's avatar
Da hat pinkie recht! :D
Noglaz's avatar
No one could possibly think that the prophecy was refer to a metaphoric dead?
Valmar33's avatar
Given how the comic has gone so far... I think it refers to literal death.
Oridons's avatar
Now you say it... That didn't came to my mind... .-. That's probably the truth in all this
YaraKaze's avatar
Dead inside, I never thing about that
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