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Time is a bitch
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Ah, the one year mark of this page...
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"The prophecy was invalid. But what bout now?"
Oh... My... God!!! *mind blown*
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Yeah that is a clue of "twilight will not outlive your friends"
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Did I miss this earlier in the story? I must have... What happened to the other princesses? Aren't they all immortal? I might have missed it, but I want someone to answer me that.
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Twilight will not out live her friends. Oh no, don't tell this means that, they have to kill Twilight!
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Dun dun du-oh shi...
That's the question, isn't it? What does "outlive" mean when you bring time travel into the mix? Does it mean "live for longer after this point in your personal timeline than the other pony lives after this point in his/her personal timeline"? Or does it mean "be alive at a point in time that is later than any point in time when the other pony is alive"?
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Wait a second... Twilight still did outlive her freinds so the prophecy is still wrong. True the time traveling mane 5 might outlive twilight before they go back home, but future twilight still outlived her freinds to get to this point of the future so the prophecy was still wrong unless there still something else.
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no, they came in the future that meNs that twilight will die while they are there.
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The prophecy is true, except through time travel. The prophet had a vision probably of future Twilight dying, surrounded by her younger friends... prophecies can be tricky things.
sonicandmario826's avatar
Yeah, but this twilight still outlived her friends. Just because her friends showed up in the future didn't change the fact that this Twilight's friends grew old an die meaning twilight still outlived her friends and had to experience seeing them die. The prophecy was wrong unless their is still something we are missing....
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Her friends went to the future 20 years before the prophecy was even announced in their time. They heard the prophecy in the future, from Spike and Doctor Whooves respectively. Even Rarity was confused... but remember Doctor's conclusion: "...was invalid. What about now?" They could not have avoided it.

Such prophecies often make no sense until the right conditions are fulfilled... fate and Pinkie sense led them to go to the future, where the prophecy's conditions are fulfilled... they and future Twilight cannot outrun their fates. All of their actions, even Twilight's own, will not prevent her from dying before them, no matter how it happens. They have free will, yes... but free will is also eternally intertwined with predetermined fate.

Unless the Doctor can whip something up on the spot to change the course of fate, of course, though I doubt that he would interfere in these events. Perhaps he cannot, due to certain factors he cannot change... like old age, for one.
sonicandmario826's avatar
I still say the prophecy is wrong, because this twilight saw her friends die meaning she did outlive them. It would be like a prophecy saying Mario won't die,but dies and gets a 1-up to resurrect him. Mario is alive but the prophecy is wrong because he still died he just so happen to get resurrected.
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The prophecy is right and valid, when looked at through the lense of time travel.

The prophecy appears to be referring to her friends who would appear in the distant future after having travelled there from a time 20 years before the prophecy was made. The prophecy seemed to fail, because how many expect time travel to be a valid way for a prophecy to work? Spike was surprised, Gold Lily as well. Twilight must be panicking, having realized now that it was valid after all, but in most unexpected circumstances.

If you understand time travel, the prophecy is completely legitimate. ;)

Unless you are in denial. <_<
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So that's what the title means " no return"!
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So the prophecy came true after all.....
EqG Twilight (Surprised) Plz 
When is empress Twilight coming out of the story?
I can't wait to see the main six meet Twilight!Es increible! 
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