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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 80

you can be cameo. please join me. 

<Update and Silrent Dash's comment>
Ok, I'm the guy who translates it from Korean to English, and I've just noticed something was off with the translation.

First of all, I apologize with all the confusion on page 80 (and perhaps making this comic much less interesting).
I misread and misunderstood what GashibokA has written, so I ended up translating it incorrectly, turning it into a different story.
So it is suppose to be Empress Twilight was worrying about that Crimson Changelings have infiltrated the pony society. So ponies who were accused of being a Crimson Changeling were all captured. (That's why there's the posters)
But then Twilight was arresting too many ponies without any solid evidence or whatsoever, so ponies who were against this has formed Resistance against Twilight.
I already talked to GashibokA, and he will fix it soon. And there are no major error in translation in previous pages, so don't worry too much about being mislead.

Once again, I truly apologizing for almost ruining this amazing story of GashibokA. I'll review my translation and make sure it's quite accurate.
I hope you all can enjoy reading this great comic until the end.


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That's dark...

DrWhoFan611's avatar
So then they were trapped under a Salem Witch Trials like world.
folklore17's avatar
McCarthyism to an extreme
GreTys66's avatar
That escalated quickly
Pinkie Pie Scream01 
Pah, and how many were your people Twilight. How many did you fail from paranoia?
PacificGreen's avatar
Wow, a little dark for MLP...but I like it! XD
MyLittlePrimo's avatar
Still wondering what the difference is between crimson changelings and regular changelings.
UltZrbrcrx's avatar
Cough cough *Stalin* Cough cough
bruiser128's avatar
I was thinking the same thing.
marinus18's avatar
I wonder how much destruction the war brought to equestria. You should elaborate on that.
This is kind how rushed.
TimeLadyDerpy's avatar
I just realized the connection between this and the Salem Witch Trials.
warphogx7's avatar
Omg i have… in my head the whole time i read page 72-80, i found it surprisingly fitting.
Shenronn's avatar
Genocide is not cool Twilight
Mikefin's avatar
The problem here is that Twilight could just change a changeling back to changeling form.
SunriseShine88's avatar
I think I know what the prophecy means.
So what's a 'crimson' changeling?
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I go hunting for witches
Heads are going to roll…

Beautiful comic btw!
HeOfSilentBlades's avatar
This comic is leaving good flavours in my mouth. Continue being awesome.
Arielmlp's avatar
Can't believe i'm saying this but twilight is cold hearted monster.
iiFluffyCrazy's avatar
It's kind of like the old days when people were accused of being a witch
hillbe's avatar
With such a change who says Twilight couldn't be a changling herself?

It wouldn't be a first to have a traitor lead a country to ruin.
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