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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 79

Crimson changeling invader.

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sweetsnow2's avatar
that's like cadence of remembrance (a fan made  series)
Unlimited-Sky2's avatar
Maybe princess Twilight is a changeling?
Solarfldsmtfr's avatar
That’s what i was thinking!
NeoPhoenixKnight's avatar
perhaps. maybe it's queen chrysalis who has evolved into a Crimson Changeling as well. Disguised as Twilight and doing evil things in an sicking act of revenge.
TempistWielder's avatar
yes someone said it she Could be a changeling it has happened before but that's jest it it has happened before. Will this be true is she a changeling or will there be a twist. hmm 
Unlimited-Sky2's avatar
I actually have no idea... I have the feeling that if I think it's an Changeling, it will be a plottwist. And if I think it will be a plottwist, it will be a Changeling...
Saiyanstrong's avatar
REd changelings+ Doctor Who.  I know what they are.
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psychicscubadiver's avatar
Everything changed when the crimson changelings attacked
Sevenscence's avatar
War. War never changes.
tigreanpony's avatar
Oh so what happened there, this will be interesting.
samuraivalerie's avatar
Ok, what's the difference between regular changelings and Crimson changelings, aside from color?
do they drink blood instead of love?
Epic-Prose's avatar
And lo, their numbers were so great the sky became as an evening so dark that even the stars did not shine. And in that night so black, war was waged, brutal and unrelenting. So dark, so deadly, so wrought with horror was it, that it seeped into the heart of our dear Empress.

And once those dark, oppressive, tendrils took root deep within her heart, she became lost to us.

Gone, was the kind, the gentle, Empress we knew and who we had loved. Replaced was she, with a creature as cold and unforgiving as the nighttime sky.

Weep, my fellow Ponies, for not all injuries born in battle are of the sword. Some are of the heart, and they do not heal as the wounds of the flesh do.
FTYeaN's avatar
Why isn't there a THUMBS UP OPTION!? Like SERIOUSLY! Angry Mabel 
Epic-Prose's avatar
I don't know why there isn't a thumbs up button! There should be!
The comment matches your username,  Epic-Prose
Moonblossommanwise's avatar
Holy hell that was amazing.
Epic-Prose's avatar
Thanks! People had already done a lot of theorizing, so I felt like commenting in a different way :3

Besides, it fit rather well.
Greki's avatar
Now I know why your name is Epic-Prose.
Epic-Prose's avatar
Heh, yeah. I chose that name because I went to school to be a fiction author, and it fit.
Wolf-ODonnell's avatar
Changelings, huh? Lovely art, by the way. I really like the colours in this one.
nioniosbbbb's avatar
These aren't Chrysalis' changelings?
Stardust721995's avatar
Came back twisted after fight crimson changelings, could be mental trauma or she's been replaced by a changeling 😕
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