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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 77

Not murder.

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solserratcvr's avatar
Big fucking surprise. Some destiny.

but that doesn't mean the prophecy doesn't relate to all freinds- new or old... OR intervention from outside this dimension 
JediMoonstar's avatar
And Twilight was no more....
NoradTwo's avatar
"When that happened, the good pony who was your friend was destroyed.

So what the sage told her was true. From a certain point of view."
uncommentator's avatar
"So what you're saying is, on that day... Twilight died."
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Wolf-ODonnell's avatar
Hm, so the prophecy didn't come to pass because Twilight's friends are technically still alive, having travelled to the future? So if the Doctor hadn't taken them to the future, things would have been fine?
newflutterpie's avatar
Nope. Because the Twilight they knew was gone, and in a sense, died.
Valmar33's avatar
They had to go to the future. It was their fate.
I gather then that she didn't simply lose faith in prophecies and then allow the one she had been given to slip from her mind. Why ever not?
CoffeeAndSardines's avatar
Well that got dark.  But so sad...
RigbyH00ves's avatar
I thought murder would've made it very interesting, but still like this!
Dario2233's avatar
Well,I guess the prophecy kinda came true,then,since the old Twilight 'died.'
swirliee's avatar
Animatorsnake's avatar
I'm so confused, Onward TO THE NEXT CHAPTER
AJR001's avatar
Uh oh, sh*t just got serious... :XD:
DashCentry's avatar
This is just getting spookier
EQG Rarity Icon #17 
DashCentry's avatar
fathanalfajri's avatar
She died inside her. Ouch...
Frostdecoy's avatar
Now i think prophecy a pass, becoz friends are back and kill tyran twillight (
sigel4ever's avatar

doctor, are you here for help or not?

Spike (or whatever are your name) then why didn't you search the prophet?

the prophet is the big problem here!

not al the phropecies are complete in the room... (harry potter and the order of phoenix)
so basically she mad the prophecy failed. really? cliche but alright.
GoatTheHatEater's avatar
Those objects on the floor looks like Pinkies body😱
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