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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 76


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Saiyanstrong's avatar
the prophetess is Roseluck.
rowdawg69's avatar
This is starting to sound like a Moffat episode
DrWhoFan611's avatar
I always thought Twi' Twi' was a little cuter when she grew an inch, but this Twi' is just beautiful.
JediMoonstar's avatar
Rainbow Dash why are you wearing that?
Oh I'm dying!
ChaoticNote's avatar
Spike got a growth spurt between the last two pages.
MyLittlePrimo's avatar
Wait, were Twilight's friends physically near her between the time they flew the TARDIS and the time they're in? That's ludicrous!
marioandsonicFTW's avatar
It's very possible that this timeline is one where the Mane 5, minus Twilight of course, didn't travel in the TARDIS with the Doctor at all.
MyLittlePrimo's avatar
sigh I'll just assume those were changelings in disguise, or illusions created by a new Nightmare figure.  It just doesn't make sense if those were the actual Mane 5; they jumped from an earlier time to a later one.
marioandsonicFTW's avatar
Well, it's most likely the Mane 5 after they returned from the future.
Summer-Lime's avatar
TimeLadyDerpy's avatar
I thought AJ was wearing a weird hat XD
Shenronn's avatar
Rainbows suit tho
lyrathelidragon's avatar
what do you mean by twilight`s death?
Hey, getting to see the future-time mane cast now. :D
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I love vague prophecies where you are left wondering how to avoid the undesirable outcome/implications and in doing so create the outcome itself (i.e. a self-fulfilling prophecy/ Greek Tragedy). Of course, generally, anyone with decent mental faculties and some time can figure out the loop-holes in the wording of the prophecy and avoid the outcome but of course that doesn't happen in stories. 

In this, the unavoidable outcome is that Twilight will die before her friends despite theoretically being immortal. The solution to this is of course to freeze one all of the Mane 6 so that they can't die, or (as has actually happened) send one or all of them into the far future and back again. That has the added strength of having less moral implications. 
Valmar33's avatar
What is interesting in this case, is that they first heard the prophecy only when they got to the future, so they never knew about the prophecy... I love it when stories only deliver prophecies or the like after the actual events they hint at have happened. It is a much more interesting kind of mind screw, that way. Unless Pinkie Pie can see the future, but never realizes where thoses ideas or thoughts come from...

Freezing the one or all of the Mane Six is not even a remotely viable solution. It is a very convoluted attempt to avoid the prophecy's outcome, which I highly doubt Twilight would even remotely consider as any kind of solution.

Could this all just be down to Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie? Maybe she really does have superpowers, lol!
Mackeroth's avatar
The placement of the pony in the last panel makes it look as if Applejack is wearing a massive purple hat. Just saying.
Also, Rainbow Dash in a suit. Wow.
Actually, I don't see how that purple thing is not a  giant purple hat
Allanpike's avatar
Dun dun dun...
samuraivalerie's avatar
< T_T >
As much as I'm enjoying this comic and I hate to make a prediction of my own that could spoil it, my intuition kicked in.
part of the reason twilight doesn't outlive her friends is, here's a hint: Pinkie's surprise birthday present and a blue box.
MLPGemblossom's avatar
Wait...Spike was TOTALLY different those last ten years....growth spurt? Or plot point?
Valmar33's avatar
He grew to that size over a millennium. How quickly and over what period, we do not know.
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