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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 74


Q. what is the 'SIX word'? solve it.

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DrWhoFan611's avatar
I think it's probably the first pony we meet in Twi's future. She has the same multicoloured mane.
Dawnfur8888's avatar
Wait.... my "pinkie sense" thinks this pony is... SUNSET SHIMMER????
TBNRmikchell's avatar
I hope it's pinky
TBNRmikchell's avatar
I mean the pony who says the six words
Zannolin's avatar
Is anyone else totally crossing their fingers for that pony to be Rose? Like, they had to travel back in time to make the propechy?
Dawnfur8888's avatar
It couldn't be. As much as I'd like that, the mane colors are not the same.
Summer-Lime's avatar
That's Pitch, isn't it?
Crazykgirl03's avatar
"Hey. I like luna more. Bye."

Solarfldsmtfr's avatar
Lol XD “Celestia was much better. See ya!”
thatonegirlfromvegas's avatar
EmilyAckroyd's avatar
Twilight will not outlive her friends
wolfrulez's avatar
Buck her right in the Pussy!
xXvinylscratchXx1987's avatar
And those six words were...
Hey guuuurl whats up lets shop
uncommentator's avatar
Ok pink AND yellow hair. I thought it was Pinkie for a second.
Don't you think she looks tired?
Cheschire-Kaat's avatar
Fukuro-Yoru's avatar
DAGNABBIT! You got to that reference first. I had it, then my Internet went down and I had to go to work. Well done, sir. Well done.
Getting something first never happens to me, so please don't mind if I savor it a little :)
Fukuro-Yoru's avatar
Savor away, good sir!
SongofVictory's avatar
Recall the time of no return?
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hillbe's avatar
Rarity is pregnant it is Spikes
"Get on with it! Yes, really."
RD4life's avatar
damned cliff hangers XD
cant wait for next :D
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