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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 73


uh.... did you hear about 'Storyteller'?

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Ah snap, it's Pinkie.
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My eyes see Fluttershy and Applejack..
Seems like you wouldn't want to risk her issuing a dire prophecy for you, then. If you avoid spoilers, you still might have a chance to change the future.

Which really doesn't bode well for this trip.
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An assassin-prohpet pony...
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ass ass in creed is best
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Why did Celestia and Luna die? The Mane Six returned... but, their memories of time travelling would have vanished, according to GashikobA... how far into the future of their present day did they return from their hike into the future? Long enough for Celestia and Luna to not stand a chance against whatever-it-was? How is Twilight still alive, then? Did they sacrifice their lives to protect her?

Just some of my theories...
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Come on! Twilight! Show us your face!!!!!
Animatorsnake's avatar
Who was the sage though?
AnimeLover9192's avatar
*But a lone sage warrior wielding the power of knowledge step forth to oppose me.*
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*shove pop corn in my face*
We finally get a gimps at best pony! a I guess you need to save it for last. 
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Soi saw crying Pinkie in previous page so it's not Pinkie who is it then? Berry Punch? :D Hmmm it can also be Cadance. But only one who i know who had prophecies that got fulfilled was Celestia. Maybe it's her without her powers. I don't know. I'm curious.
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Meh, it can't be Pinkie because on the previous page, Pinkie and the sage were shown at the same time in 2 different places.
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did you reply to wrong comment because i said it in comment you probably wanted to reply to the comment below me
StreamSecret's avatar I didn't think I was replying to the wrong comment.......but ok.... :wut: 
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lol I love how Spike is RIGHT behind Lyra's butt
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I'm calling it now: it's the pony version of The Master/The Mistress.
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