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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 69


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Crystal lock beats out sonic screwdriver..... I buy it almost every crystal ever has it's own frequency. No two diamonds are the same so there frequency will be quite different because of the way crystal structures work. I like how you thought of that.
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I think the best option now is to just wait and see what will happen.
Well that is super irritating...

Gotta nullify the guard first
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Traveling with the Doctor has clearly been good for Rose.
She developed a spine and has probably learned some valuable life skills.
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Oh yeah, I forgot they had The Doctor with them. Suddenly, all this emotional conflict is going to go out the window. Not saying he's a Mary Sue or anything, just that he has a habit of making such desperate plights seem... entertaining. 
I call bullshit. That lock is clearly not made out of wood.
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... Wow, a lock that even the Doctor would struggle with...
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Yes but knowing the doctor he will make it work.
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So The Doctor seems to have no way out... if you know Doctor Who you know that means that Twilight is screwed :p
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I still hate that guard, doesn't have any heart saying "stupidity" he just pushed Flutters and let her put a long face!
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Well, here's a metal stick, let's get him!! Uh... I mean, subdue him!!
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*hits him on the head*
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"Carry him to the corner" OK, let's free those four.
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*gets keys from the guard* now let's get out of here!

this sounds like when Spike's team will come to rescoue them...
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Good, as we meet them, let's find Twilight and ask her the truth; but first, *Takes out the tear gas grenades and stick* we have several guards to subdue.

You ponies, follow us. 
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And reference to the 50th anniversary special I see... I like it... now if he only had 11 with him :P
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theory!: Maybe a reason the Doctor is not having a chain collar is because hes Important. He is a Time traveling timelord and he could be dragged to see princess twilight. Plus The TARDIS is very valueble if Tiwlight plays her cards right basically all of time and space is endanger ((if they do plan on finding the tardis))

But if not. Its because the TIE MUST NOT BE RUIN 10th Doctor 
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tie is collar of Society. didn't ya?  
put you legs into you numnut! earth ponies
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