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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 68


special thanks to 
Arron Wu. TommyCrash is awesome.

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Saiyanstrong's avatar
F$%& you to guard pony
HeartStorm4ever's avatar
Is it okay for us to draw fanart of this comic? Even if including a pony from the patrons?
GashibokA's avatar
I think it's ok.
HeartStorm4ever's avatar
Alright, thank you!!
RainbowDashieMLPFan's avatar
yea right 30$ for a small camo 
PrincessCelestiaYay2's avatar
RainbowDashieMLPFan's avatar
thats not him 

 that guard's cutiemark is a microphone 
sweetymimy22's avatar
You little bastard !! you just throw Fluttershy in a little cell D :<
polarbeardog2's avatar
I just wanted to let you know that in the last panel that the strap on the guard's face for the armor is missing and the background is visible. Thank you for this comic. I like it a lot.
GashibokA's avatar
"Stay here"? Who says that while throwing somepony in a jail cell? "Oh, you want me to stay here? I couldn't tell from the fact that I am physically incapable of leaving this place."
Allanpike's avatar
Poor Fluttershy...
TheThunder-Clash's avatar
I can't wait for the next game or chapter you know what I mean. THIS is amazing *smiles*
MinecraftergirlXD's avatar
Welp if he does have to kill them.... he better look up "How To Kill a Timelord"
Element0fKindness's avatar
Icon - 004 Oli Jr./Kiko (Angry)     You chain up Fluttershy?!?

Uwouldnt like me when Im angry     You hurt Fluttershy?!?!

rage    You threaten Fluttershy?!?!?!

Atori's Overkill Energy Blast Attack    YOU AND ALL YOUR KIND SHALL DIE!!!
AranyaP's avatar
But their Kind and Fluttershy is the same...
Element0fKindness's avatar
2000ESS's avatar
KILL!!! Meh as long as you don't touch Flutters, and if you do, you'll be seeing the end of my blade in your throat.
RoboRed's avatar
"If you try anything, I'll kill you."

WOW, that escalated quickly.
Yupasama's avatar
"I'll kill you"

hu.. why ?

he's a cute yellow pony. He just arrested some trespassers (and not that very good to trespassing anyway). And more like they saved them from being eating by metallic wolf.

One of the prisoner is a incredibly cute yellow pony, if she would "try" anything (calling help from butterflies or a Angry Grizzly ?), they could simply catch her again.

Flower-Horse's avatar
That guard is gonna get a stern talking to. (Hopefully... I don't want Twiligt to be THAT evil!)
Dragon-Mordak's avatar
That guard looks like he has three darts in the back of his neck. I'd be pretty grumpy too.
Mackeroth's avatar
This reminds of Past Sins, a bit. Anyone else feeling that? When Twilight was imprisoned by Nyx and Nyx was torn between being evil and being good and Twilight was literally the calmest anyone's ever been about being beaten and thrown into prison?
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