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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 67


special thanks to 
Arron Wu, Pun pony, Happy Groove, and Unknown pony.

p.s) Pun. I'm sorry to make you acting bad role.

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It's dark... menacing... and it's only $50.19!
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Everybody tell me that all the time Rainbow sad 
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People tell me that sometimes.

Of course, It's typically after I've stuck a knife in their hearts, but who wants to talk about the semantics anyway?
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Why bring them inside? The dungeon ought to be designed so that prisoners don't need to be brought through anywhere important.

Of course, if Twilight prefers to deal with infiltrators personally, that's an entirely different matter . . .
UltraTheHedgetoaster's avatar
"Infiltrate the castle"...? "Rebels"? :O

Well, they were outside running for their lives, then tried to hide from the monsters. OF COURSE they must be rebels! ^^;
JediJess's avatar
GAH! Damnit! you were doing so well with the grammar guys! "alot" is not a word. it's two. "a lot".

Love the comic by the way. been reading/watching since the beginning.
ughleeperson's avatar
Please let Twi end up doing some epic sacrifice for her friends! That would be epic. :3
RainerKelri's avatar
No sir, You ARE GOING TO REGRET FOR YOUR STUPIDITY. You should have studied harder in history when you were in school.
i honestly think the castle would have crumbled into dust. she isn;t harmony anymore. she is corrupted and out of control. harmony would not support her. the tree would reject her, and others would be found and chosen to stop her from going too far.
tom117z's avatar
A castle is a castle and would likely stick around, the map on the other hand probably stopped working.
eh true. though i guess it depends on how extreme the change is.
Sturmlion1's avatar
Damn they have horrible armor.
GashibokA's avatar
it's Twilight's mane color.
Sturmlion1's avatar
The color isn't the problem, its those tassels on the back of there helmets. Looks like fletching of arrows stuck into the back of there heads.
StreamSecret's avatar
Not if Twilight sees them! 
hunterN05's avatar
I wonder how Twilight is going to react?

Nice job!
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Catched up again. It is awesome to "forget" a comic for quite a long time to have many pages to read at once !
tigreanpony's avatar
Yes her friends are rebels now. This will be interesting.
tom117z's avatar
Yeah guards don't those cutiemarks remind you of something? I don't know maybe its the other thrones in the throne room! (If they are still there)
GashibokA's avatar
uh.... there's have some reason. but.... it's very big spoiler.
tom117z's avatar
Great now you got me theorizing again...
GashibokA's avatar
btw, Gold lily doesn't know who are they until see the Sonic rainboom. future citizen remember them with the old look.
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