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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 66


special thanks to 
Arron Wu, Pun pony, Happy Groove, and Unknown pony.

p.s) Pun. I'm sorry to make you acting bad role.

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DrWhoFan611's avatar
Oh, the Pun Pony!
woonjy2011's avatar
lol isn't that pun on tumblr?
marinus18's avatar
I think Twilight would still honor her friends of the mane 6. They are just too important to her and who she is. I think she would commission like a couple of giant statues of them.
MiaRosette1028's avatar
.....what a surprise some pony don't have cutie mark.
DoctorWhoandMlp's avatar
Yeah, Pun's cutie mark is a one-liner, thus a line :)
aldodger's avatar
Naw silly that's Pun's actual cutie mark
Shenronn's avatar
Twilight probably adopted Starlight Glimmers teachings
Ha ha ha...


Yes I like this- now the division is a manifestation and not conveniently written off as fear mongering or "not being a freind"

I feel the hipocracy that celestia tried to keep hidden Twilight could not- how befitting

And all the more that the traditionalists now use her name to mean "God"

I feel my emotional attachments and the baggage forthwith lifted as I wish to learn more and let the lies prove themselves as such
And here we've got the other perspective. If you ask these ponies, Twilight's doing a fine job. And I'm sure that they would point to some accomplishments that the resistance would rather not acknowledge, even if they've been kept ignorant of certain facts which the resistance finds quite important.
Kyoshi001's avatar
im the resistance. 
TARDISpony101's avatar
Does the guard pony have a Siri cutie mark...?
Helsaabi's avatar
It's good cameo Pun from Tumlr :D
swirliee's avatar
Twilight is now cray-cray
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MinecraftergirlXD's avatar
The Doctor so serious and Dark i love it! <3
Sturmlion1's avatar
Well we see the resistance is exactly popular.
Yami-Marik93's avatar
u think it would make since if they started throwing food at them?
bladra's avatar
me: hhmm best get moving plan "hope" has to begin viva revolution *teleports away*
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
They don't even read in one of those history books anymore?! Hmm, I'm looking forward to Twilight's reaction...Suspicious Spkmw 
Mackeroth's avatar
You know what'd be interesting is if Rarity and Fluttershy here were taken to Twilight and Twilight explained her side of this mess. Then you have AJ, RD and Pinkie on one side of the conflict believing one thing while Fluttershy and Rarity are on the other side believing something else. Then they end up bringing Spike and the resistance back together with Twilight and the Empire.
tom117z's avatar
What about The Doctor and Rose though, given their knowledge of the timeline The Doctor would know if Twilight was lying/bending history in her favour or not.
Allanpike's avatar
... Well I'm going to follow this... but... what the hell is with the set-up?
DragonFUA11's avatar
they did a time travel, they had pinkie with them and time machine didn't like that, and now they're stuck in a timeline they don't understand... and twilight's apparently a tyrant now.

so to summarize... blame pinkie.
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