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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 64


many people bother mane 5 said like "how did you guys forgot Spike? Apologize him!"
and some people said me 

Honestly, it wouldn't be any problem if Spike actually joined the trip. Just like nothing happened when young Amelia Pond met future her in Doctor Who. It was just a mere accident that Spike wasn't included. No big reason.
And it's not entirely these ponies' fault that they didn't apologise to future Spike. I mean, look at their given circumstances. Alot of things are going through their head at once.

 I am a little hesitant because the spoiler is to say from now on, when the end of trip, they "forget" about this trip because some reason.

got it?

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DrWhoFan611's avatar
Well dang... and it ain't too far out of character, either. Nice surprise there.
camolotthe10's avatar
You are. Combat pragmatism: you are useless to the cause as friends, but a vital and powerful weapon.
WorldRunner18's avatar
I would have asked how come he still doesn't have wings.
And Pinkie's sad... :.(
KateWeatherMachine2's avatar
Aww, Pinkie looks so sad...
Tell me that you have a good reason, Spike.
Summer-Lime's avatar
THOSE EYES!! Such eyes from Pinkie cut to the heart of the soul.
Uroboros18's avatar
Mainly. Why do you look like a street shark?
DeskManiac's avatar
It's getting so emotional so quick ;w;
SweetCaptain77's avatar
THOSE EYES!! Such eyes from Pinkie cut to the heart of the soul!!
You were warned pinkie
julian0123's avatar
Wow, you really don't need tears to make a heartbreaking expression.
Great (and sad) page.
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
Knew it, and...*sigh* this feels me, if they felt tools, I felt like a slave, ghost, nothing, dead or in literal meanings left out in short.
SpheeDC's avatar
Oooh! She got serious. You better answer or- Hnnngggg! *dies at last panel*
Riverfox237's avatar
Man, it's so weird seeing Pinkie Pie so serious. And yet, the fact that she's the last one we'd expect this from really adds weight to the seriousness of the situation. 
ShujiWakahisaa's avatar
Spike you better start talking 
BoneSatellite's avatar
And Pinkie had damn well better be ready to explain why they left Young Spike behind, and only came to the future for Twilight's sake instead of Twilight and Spike's.
MarkWhitee's avatar
I had the same train off thought, thinking to myself :yeah….you ponies are racist inconsiderate assholes, never showed love for another, the only pony I have seen in the entire show and most fan made comics that actually harbors equal feelings if not greater feeling for something other then a pony, is Fluttershy, every other non-pony is treated like a second class citizen wether they are sentient or not, the bird, the minator, the goats, the donkey, Celestia’s life companion the phoenix, every animal ever encountered, the manticore, the timber wolves, the sea serpent, discord, that guy from tarturas, his brother, rainbow dash’s pet, spike, the older dragons, every zebra considering the entire populaces reaction to Zecora alone, even dead ponies are more important to ponies then other living creatures in need of help, the changelings, their queen, Gilda, even by rainbow dash which was her best friend for many years while growing up, someone she know and grew attached to longer then any other pony including Fluttershy, rockadiles, bats, cows, birds, even the land itself is pushed aside for ponies for even the smallest things
markus365's avatar
Way to really nail the character of Pinkie Pie with that last question to Spike.
SXGodzilla's avatar
the feels... so many...
firecharge44371's avatar
Those fingers that spike has tho
hunterN05's avatar
Awwww Pinkie poor lass.
Nicely done.
GhostReach's avatar
He clearly wasn't ready.
If you want to be friends, you've got to talk to Spike, and good luck getting any time with him. The leader of the resistance requires your service pretty much 24/7 until you go home, so I don't see when he could possibly afford to give Spike any significant time with you.
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