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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 63


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DrWhoFan611's avatar
Pinkie looks serious. This is gonna be a goofy question, isn't it?
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
That "a ton" would be spoken out fastly like rapping...
Sturmlion1's avatar
Pinkie being serious. There world can end now.
Animatorsnake's avatar
Pinkie's probably going to say something silly
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DanielHarrington's avatar
Oh dear. Pinkie has her serious face on.
vekarvonkostu's avatar
Awesome!! :D :D :D :D :D I also bet Spike going to explain why he and Twilight are enemies now? I hope it's good.
tigreanpony's avatar
Well, Pinkie you know he isn't good at interrogations remember the last time you interrogated him?
JoeWu2012Blue's avatar
Spike seems to be bored of this senseless dialoge according to his expression...
Anyways, perhaps Pinkie has the super-ability to check the script of this story (Perhaps another 4th wall joke, I guess? XD)...
It's pretty easy for a god-like pony like Pinkie to foresee the future

(Just kidding, please ignore what I said. lol)
No-Time-For-Caution's avatar
When did Spike's fifth finger / claw actually evolve? xD
MiguelofKing's avatar
Pinkie... what make you?
BoneSatellite's avatar
Pinkie, you shut your fucking mouth. You don't deserve to ask any questions until you apologize to him.
GashibokA's avatar
why pinkie need apologize him?
BoneSatellite's avatar
Here's another thought: what if the ponies decided Spike would be lonely after 1,000 years, but didn't think Princess Twilight would be? What if they went into the future to celebrate Spike's 1,000th birthday, but they left Twilight in the past? What if they reach the future to bring comfort to Future Spike, but had no intention of bringing comfort to Future Twilight?

See how fucked-up that sounds? Your cast is picking and choosing which of their friends they care about, and it's disgusting. They're placing a higher priority on Twilight's well-being than Spike's.
BoneSatellite's avatar
I already explained this to you. I'll explain again.

1) The mane 6 did not think to bring young Spike with them to the future, where they would comfort the most important person in his life.
2) The mane 6 planned to comfort Future Twilight, but didn't think Future Spike would be suffering the same.

So, there are two questions Future Spike needs to ask them:

1) "Why exactly didn't you and the Doctor bring me along when I was little?"
2) "You thought Twilight would be lonely after 1,000 years, but not me?"
GashibokA's avatar
You must read page 61 - panel 1.

"This is incredible. You girls came out of nowhere, and 
you look younger than the last time I saw you.... How’d you do it?"

and page 18 - panel 4 doctor's said,

"Absolutely. Rose and I have travelled to the distant future several times."

I think you read roughly my comic.

Shadowspider9's avatar
The two panels you quote only imply that Spike was on good relations with the future main six up until they died, and that the Doctor and Rose may also know or be friends with Spike. Unless you are implying the main six travel with the doctor a few more time in their future.
Either way it doesn't solve the issue BoneSatellite had. That the past main six, upon worrying that future Twilight would be lonely with then no longer around, didn't stop to worry that future Spike might be just as lonely without them. As far as the past main six knew their death hit future spike as hard as it did future twilight, but they only ever thought about how to help future Twilight. Even if Spike isn't lonely they never once considered the possibility that he might be.

Now there are way's to resolve this. For example perhaps they believed Spike would still have Twilight as his care taker, and so the burden of being alone would be much harder on Twilight given her responsibilities as sole ruler and Spike's caretaker.
Or perhaps they weren't sure if Spike would still be alive. Twilight is immortal and super powerful. So her being alive was all but a guarantee. With Spike it's not as certain.
BoneSatellite's avatar
I cannot believe there is actually someone else who understands. Don't ever die, Shadowspider9; you're one-of-a-kind.
Shadowspider9's avatar
Thanks. I've had and seen my fair share of internet fights, so I always try to resolve it with logic and see both sides of the argument.
GashibokA's avatar
Honestly, it wouldn't be any problem if Spike actually joined the trip. Just like nothing happened when young Amanda Pond met future her in Doctor Who. It was just a mere accident that Spike wasn't included. No big reason.
Shadowspider9's avatar
I think you missed the point a bit. It's not about Spike not being included in the trip. It's about the six worrying future Twilight would lonely without them, but not worrying future Spike would be lonely without them, since he's as much their friend as Twilight, so logically their death would hit him just as hard as it would Twilight.
And like i said their are way's to resolve it. Like them not thinking Spike would still be alive since they don't truly know how long dragons live.
BoneSatellite's avatar
So it was an accident that they didn't bring Present Spike. That's some of the problem answered. Though it still doesn't excuse them from showing zero concern for Future Spike's loneliness.

:iconpinkieisexcitedplz:: We need to go into the future to make sure Twilight isn't lonely and miserable after a thousand years!
:iconpinkiepieduhplz:: We don't need to worry if Spike is miserable, though. Nobody will care if he's sad and lonely after a thousand years.
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